Sunday, June 1, 2008

Reasons You Didn’t Get That Dream Job

Application Unsuccessful: Reasons You Didn’t Get That Dream Job

It would be helpful to know just exactly what you’ve done wrong though, wouldn’t it? 9/10 times, an unsuccessful job application will just be that there was someone that bit more qualified, and there’s nothing that can be done in that instance, except to try again… but if this keeps happening, it may be worth considering some of the following, which are almost universally considered a bad thing on the recruitment circuit. Keep these tips for your job interview and you should do better next time!

A bad reference will most likely kill your employment chances stone dead, and many recruiters will call them at this point in the proceedings, if you’ve included a contact on your CV. Of course, you could put that references are “available on request” in the hope that you can charm them enough that they either won’t check, or will not believe the referee, but the best bet of all is to work hard enough that your contacts will have nothing but good things to say about you!

Increasingly, the idea that workplaces are 100% formal has been greatly corroded, but the chances are that you won’t know until you visit. As for advice on job interview dress code, without a doubt it is best to be overdressed rather than underdressed, so if in doubt, wear a suit – or at least go smart/casual.You should also make sure you are looking your best – it shouldn’t come down to judging on appearances, but the interview panel are only human, and it’s natural to take in these things, even if it’s subconscious. Don’t take any chances, or risk adding to your list of unsuccessful job applications [Read more]

Staying Confident To Achieve Success

If you have a strong vision of what you want, you need to stay confident and focused on that end result no matter what is thrown at you. We never know how long it may take to achieve our goal or what lessons we are to learn along the way. When we do not see immediate results, it is easy to get stuck in the negative and lose faith in ourselves.

STEP ONE: All of us have already accomplished many things along our journey. I challenge you to write at least 100 things you have experienced in the past. Just list them. It can be big or small, obstacles you survived, accolades or anything else. All that you list is a success of some sort. If you don't think you have accomplished much in your life, start by listing successes such as: I bought myself a blanket to cover me when I sleep. To have money to purchase something that will provide warmth is a huge success to a person in a 3rd world country.

STEP TWO: Choose 1 thing on that list and write all the details about it. What you choose to write about should be a large obstacle you overcame or a goal you achieved. Write how you felt before, during and after that experience; what steps you took to resolve it; what lessons you learned; and what blessings came out of it. You will realize how strong and amazing you are [Read more]

Everything Happens For A Reason

When I was 18, I was desperate to be a dancer but got rejected from the only degree dance program in Ontario because my grades were 2% below the cut off. Although I was devastated at the time, it was truly a blessing. A month later I went and trained full time in a professional dance company, 6 hours a day. Within a week, I snapped a ligament in my ankle and damaged my knee; within a month the director heard me singing to myself and cast me to sing in the show; within 2 months, I was accepted into a post secondary diploma program for… singing, not dancing. Since I never had a lesson in my life, it was a big sign. When I applied for university again, I got into the music program on talent despite my grades still being too low. My big rejection forced me onto the path I am still on today… 14 years later. So when things don’t go your way, there may be something far greater for you. Have faith!

Let’s say you and your partner have been trying to get pregnant for over 2 years. Suddenly, a parent gets sick forcing all your energy towards helping them through their crisis. Can you imagine how difficult that would be if you have a small baby? Or maybe there was something you had to learn – perhaps by tending to the sick parent, you gained greater insight and compassion… tools that would make you a better parent when the timing was right [Read more]

Are You A Good Reciever?

Let’s imagine a group of friends, Kelly, John, Larry, Julie and Rebecca, go out for lunch. Larry is just full of compliments...
a) Larry: John, congrats on your promotion at work.
John: Well, I worked 12 hour days for the last 6 months.
b) Larry: Rebecca, your new condo is really great.
Rebecca: Oh well, I am barely making it. Hopefully I can keep up with the expenses.
c) Larry: Julie, your garden is shaping up nicely.
Julie: Thanks and Larry, I love what you did with the living room paint.
d) Larry: Kelly, I love your new sweater.
Kelly: Thanks.
What kind of receiver are YOU? Are you like... [Read more]

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