Thursday, November 6, 2008

These Shoes Are Too Tight!

These Shoes Are Too Tight!

Sometimes when we are at the window looking into someone else’s life, it’s easy to pass judgment based on what we see at that particular moment. I’ve always been told to believe none of what I hear and only half of what I see and frankly, I think maybe half is too much. I say this because for a long time, I was the person standing at the window looking in-passing judgment on other people simply because they looked or behaved a certain way.

At the age of nineteen, I was carefree and single. I had been in one relationship that was basically puppy love. I was happy go lucky, and very self-righteous. I couldn’t understand how a young lady could find herself pregnant without a husband and I was very vocal about it. Guess what happened to my self-righteous behind? In a span of 5 years I fell in love two times and became a single mother not one or two times, but three. And to add insult to injury, my children were fathered by different men.

Taking a short journey in someone else’s shoes is one of the most surefire ways for me to stay balanced and honest. I’ve stepped into a dancer’s shoes when I was tempted to judge her –not knowing she had children to feed. I’ve stepped into a disabled person’s shoes more often than I can remember [Read more]

Twenty-Eight Hours

Have you ever spent twenty-eight hours with somebody and it felt like one minute? Twenty-eight hours in which the conversation never ceased to stop? Twenty-eight hours in which the excitement kept building and where the connection kept getting stronger as each minute passed?

Life is a gift. It’s time all of you started accepting the gift of life, because when you do what will happen is that you will actually start to meet people who are going to blow you away. When you’re open and you’re being honest, that is when you’re going to find someone who is also open and honest and then life is just going to seem to mesh.

You will be on the same page with this person about everything you think and feel. It’s amazing when you spend twenty-eight hours with somebody, and when they leave all you want to do is start another twenty-eight hours with them all over again. You don’t want that person to leave. You just want them to stay [Read more]

One Real Change Beats a Thousand Daydreams

Successful change requires taking action, handling the problem in a different way than you have in the past. Thinking about it, wishing, daydreaming, repeating old behaviors, none of that works. Only an actual change in your behavior will move you in a new direction to fix the problem.

But if you’re like most of us, much as you may want to change, when the time comes to actually do things differently, negative feelings get in the way. Everybody wants to feel ready to change before they get going. “As soon as I lose 20 pounds, I’ll try to find a guy.” “When I don’t feel so depressed, I’m definitely going to look for a job.

”Or sometimes when people’s feelings resist change, they decide change is totally impossible for them. “It’s my nature to be shy. There’s nothing I can do about that.” “It would make me too nervous to give up cigarettes.” “AA can’t help. My father was alcoholic and so was my grandfather. It’s genetic.

”Wanting to feel ready to change before taking action is exactly backwards. As a clinical psychologist who has spent many years helping people successfully change, I know that if you wait to feel ready to make your move, you could wait forever. But the good news is, with the right roadmap, it’s perfectly possible to move yourself forward without feeling ready. We don’t like to go against our own feelings, but in the situations I’m talking about, it isn’t dangerous to do so, just uncomfortable. And there are techniques you can learn to handle that discomfort and move forward anyway [Read more]

Will Shopping Save the Economy

Shopping is our real national pastime, but it comes, as he warns, at a price that is not advertised in the malls:

The idyllic wonderland of consumer credit too often belies a reality of unknown sacrifices and enduring debt… the credit card industry is playing a crucial role in transforming American consumer attitudes. The promotion of “immediate gratification” ruptures the cognitive connection between earnings/saving and credit/debt that has traditionally shaped consumer behavior. It is this “cognitive disconnect,” with its siren song “Buy, buy, buy. It could be free, free, free” that constitutes the cornerstone of the Credit Card Nation.

And so it is not surprising that holidays are used or created as national events to spur consumption. They have become rituals of shopping. None is as important as the first day after Thanksgiving, itself a day set aside for overindulgence at the kitchen table. That day now has a name, Black Friday, so called because it is supposed to be the day when the whole retail sector goes into the black financially. (This may not have been such a wise use of language since the Wall Street crash of l929, ushering in the Great Depression, started on a “Black Thursday.”) [Read more]

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dating Other Women

How to Save Marriage by Talking to and Dating Other Women

Sooner or later your wife is going to be looking for a new man. A guy who is confident and self assured. Someone who is capable of living his own life while protecting her at the same time. You can be this guy if you want to be and one of the ways you can help yourself to turn into the man she wants is to start dating other women. You won't get your wife back just because you've been out on dates but it will give your confidence a boost that your ex is bound to notice.

Pleading with your wife to change her mind about the breakup is not going to work. This is what most guys do in this situation because it's what all your instincts are telling you that you should do. This is why most men fail to save their marriages. All you will succeed in doing is push your wife further away and make things even worse than they were before.

It's hard at first. I know because I've been there. You've probably forgotten how to talk to women and you may be a little frightened by the thought of it. Well you have to get over that. Force yourself to take the plunge and just say something to a woman. Anything - it doesn't matter much what you say, the point is just give it a go [Read more]

Parking Spaces As Real Estate Investments

So how much does a deeded parking space cost? It depends on where you are located. In New York, it's possible to pay more than $175,000 for a prime parking spot. In Chicago, deeded parking spaces run anywhere from $20,000 to $65,000 or more in some of the trendy new construction high-rises or downtown locations.

According to Parkingsearch, the value of parking spaces has increased by quite a bit over the past few years. Their research finds that in Chicago the average parking space sold for $28,000. By 2006 that increased to $30,000 and last year in 2007 it was about $33,000. With a fixed rate loan of 6 percent there is definitely a profit to be made. It may be a bit if a challenge to find a bank to loan you the money, but it is certainly doable. You monthly payment should be in the range of $200 and the going rate for renting a parking space in prime spots can be as much as $300 to $500.You need to keep in mind that you'll have a few fees associated with owning a parking space. It isn't all profit. While you won't have much upkeep on the spot, you will probably have to pay a maintenance fee to the building or condo association. A deed must be obtained, liability insurance is a good idea and yearly taxes must be paid [Read more]

Currency Controls Coming to the U.S.?

Exactly what is a digital blip worth? For that matter consider that the paper dollars in your pocket are backed by nothing more than digital blips.

Washington backs those dollars and blips with nothing more than the promise of "I owe you nothing". If you walked into the U.S. treasury and asked to exchange your dollars you would be met by blank stares. After all, it's been a few decades since anyone even pretended that a U.S. dollar had any real value.That brings us to the problem. With the world's supply of U.S. dollars greatly enlarged we will soon see more dollars chasing the same amount of goods and services. Actually, in a recession/depression there will be a diminished supply of goods and services. That means the increased supply of dollars will be vying for fewer goods and service.

You don't need to be a Stanford economist to know that your government is lighting the fuse to an inflationary explosion. The result will be that every one of your dollars will be worth less… and less… and less. It's the time honored way governments rob from their citizens to pay for politicians misguided financial policies [Read more]

Should Your Teen Get a Job?

The legal age for employment is, indeed, fourteen, although there are certain state regulations, such as not being allowed to work between the hours of 9:00 PM and 7:00 AM. And being employed in hazardous or unsafe working conditions. No problem, there!

But regardless of the fact that the law allows my son to be employed, is he truly ready to hold down a job? Maybe you’ve wondered the same thing. Here are a few things to consider before chauffeuring your teenager around town to fill out those applications.Is my child responsible? The term, “responsible” is most definitely subjective. You might consider you son or daughter responsible if they keep their room clean. Other parents might overlook the messy room but see their child as responsible if he or she turns in their homework on time.

Does my child get along with others? Of course, we’re not only talking about siblings, although if they get along well with their brother or sister, you are in the minority and have reason to rejoice! The more important question to ask is how your child gets along with friends, as well as the parents of those friends. Being comfortable around adults and being able to communicate well with them is a sign that your child may be ready for this step towards their own adulthood [Read more]

Friday, October 31, 2008

Teaching Children to Tell the Truth

Teaching Children to Tell the Truth

Honesty must be valued. This seems obvious, but here is what I've seen happen time and time again. Parents in a family like the IDEA of truth telling, but not the HARD WORK of honesty. If you value honesty, you will make being honest a priority each and every day. It is what you do, far less than what you say, that carries weight with your children. If you are not valuing telling the truth in your family, neither will your children.

Develop a culture of honesty. This second point flows naturally from the first point. Once you decide that you are going to make honesty a priority in your home, look for ways to incorporate truthfulness in your everyday life. Instead of only focusing on behavior that involves lying, emphasize truthful behavior everywhere you see it. This will show both you and your child how vital a foundation of truthfulness is in daily living and that throwing the occasional lie in the mix is like throwing a wrench into a smoothly running machine, causing problems far more difficult to solve than the original issue. [Read more]

Stop Listening to Your Friends

It’s time to stop listening to your friends. You get to a point in your life as a woman when you’ve got to start listening to yourself. That time is right now!Women always talk about their “women’s intuition” and how great it is at just knowing what is really going on in any situation. If that’s the case, though, why does every woman seem compelled to go to her friends with a blow-by-blow description of their dates seeking her friends’ opinions?

Start listening to yourself. Start trusting yourself a little bit!Your friends were not on that date with you last night. They can’t break it down.Remember that great Sex And The City episode that spawned that really bad book “He’s Just Not That Into You” (which has now spawned a movie of the same title)? Just like the scene in that episode, a lot of women will get together to do what I call a “post-date recap.”

Now, granted, a lot of guys will do a “post-date recap” with their friends as well. They’ll talk about the moment they talked about their crazy uncle and will worry about the fact that he brought that up and whether the fact that he did ruined the date. Just like the women, his friends will break down the date and agree with him. [Read more]

The Five Secrets of Getting Lucky in Love

Be still and in the now to find the lucky surprises and coincidences that can turn your love life on. Most of us are rushing hectically around, getting work done, taking care of errands, running here and there.

We don’t take time to slow down and notice what is happening around us. And so we may be sitting next to the love of our lives on the train or standing behind the ‘One’ at the grocery store and never actually speak to him or her. In my book, Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love, I describe a Being-In-The-Moment exercise, where you take 10 minutes and practice slowing down and paying attention to who or what is right in front of you. You would be surprised about the connections, lucky surprises and coincidences you will encounter if you pay attention to the people and things around you right now.

Say hello to a new person every day. He or she may be the ‘One.’ Even if they’re not, every person knows about 200 other people. You never know what love connections may come from a whole new social network! [Read more]

Choosing the Right Make Up Mirror

A mirror that offers a magnifying side is perfect for applying tricky eye makeup, and is especially helpful for plucking and shaping eyebrows. This type of mirror is also a great asset to anyone who usually wears glasses and would have difficulty applying makeup when they were removed. A magnifying side can be very useful for paying extra attention to skin imperfections and blemishes, particularly when applying concealer to dark areas under eyes etc. The majority of magnifying mirrors swing to give a 'true image' on the reverse side. A variety of magnifications are available.

The lowest gives three times magnification (generally referred to as X 3 mag) progressing to X 5 magnification, X 7 magnification and a high X 10 magnification. The ten times magnification mirror will reveal amazing detail such as pore size, fine hairs etc. Although this can be quite a shock when you first use it – remember that others do not see this detail when they look at you! It is for your benefit only. Which magnification you choose really comes down to personal preference, which may be influenced by your visual acuity.

Pedestal mirrors are ideal for applying makeup when placed on a dressing table, or positioned on a higher surface if standing. Pedestal mirrors come in a variety of heights and sizes, and many can be adjusted to the perfect height. [Read more]

Monday, October 27, 2008

Untold Mortgage Crisis

The Biggest Untold Mortgage Crisis

According to one recent study, the number of foreclosures in military towns are four times the national average. Why? Because military families were targeted as customers during the boom in subprime lending.

Their frequent moves, overseas stints, and low pay meant they were likely to have weak credit ratings. The initial low rates and easy terms of these loans made them more attractive than the traditional route of taking out a Veterans Administration loan. In fact, at the peak of the U.S. subprime lending, the number of new VA loans fell to their lowest level in 12 years.

With that in mind it’s not surprising that a large number of military families are being caught in the subprime mortgage collapse. Fortunately, there’s some help in the form of the Service members’ Civil Relief Act (SCRA). The SCRA was created to protect soldiers and sailors from losing their homes for nonpayment of mortgages while they are on active duty and for 90 days after they return home.

Those who qualify for the SCRA include members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corp and Coast Guard. Also included are members of the public health service, commissioned corps of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and National Guard members who were called to active service during a national emergency and authorized by the President or Secretary of Defense for more than 30 consecutive days.

In addition, citizens ordered to report for induction under the Military Service Act, and those serving with the Allied Forces are also covered under the bill. [Read more]

Dealing With Economic Fear

Anxiety about the future is widespread, with a sense of there being no clear way to avoid the coming trouble. Within this atmosphere, fear and anxiety are rampant, and it becomes even more important to find a basis for trust that does not depend upon external circumstance, but rather on a sense of hope and conviction that the present turbulence will lead to a positive outcome.

Such hope and trust becomes more difficult to achieve when one’s personal fortunes are jeopardized either by loss of work, loss of one’s retirement fund, savings, or investments, or the inability to obtain a loan for a purpose deemed vital. All of these bring the present crisis home in a personal way. Even more personal would be the loss of the value of the dollar which would be able, then, to purchase less in the way of critical commodities, and would create widespread financial restrictions both within the banking system and within our personal lives. In the blink of an eye, we would no longer be a nation of prosperity, but would have to face poverty amidst vastly changed economic conditions. [Read more]

Don’t Crash and Burn Like I Did

What I have learned that never worked for me:

There are no real get rich quick schemes in this world – what ever you want to do you are going to have to give up something else to achieve it, whether that is time, money or a combination of both.

95% of the people that do MLM businesses can’t make a living from it – so I won’t spend my precious time on them, not just because they have not worked for me in the past but also because I only want to promote ideas that I can pass on to others and have them succeed.

If a system is quoted as 100% automated then it will not work. This is because it will very quickly become over subscribed and therefore stop working and also, because the world is a constantly changing place, what worked yesterday will not necessarily work tomorrow.

Much like the first lesson, I have learned that you can never get anything of real value for nothing. Life changing results need to have real input from you to achieve.

So with that in mind, what types of opportunities do work? [Read more]

Mini Skirt and Weight Loss Tactics

If you are looking to lose weight, you have absolutely no problem. The weight loss industry is a strong one in the United States and other parts of the Western world.

You can begin by asking questions around on what steps to take, or you can go straight to a professional. If you are an overweight male, imagine this - you have just met this damsel that looks like she took a holiday from heaven. The way she looks at you, you can tell that she adores you. But deep inside, you know also that she is bound to have an issue with your weight. Isn't that reason enough to do everything you can to lose weight, even if it means spending hours daily in the gym?

Some people rely on illness to help them lose weight. While this is fair enough the first time around, you shouldn't make a habit of it. Getting used to such could result in some kind of ‘cry-wolf' syndrome in which you might not recover from the illness soon enough. In the end, you lose. [Read more]

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why Everybody Isn't Rich

20 Reasons Why Everybody Isn't Rich

1. People never define what being rich actually is
2. People's definition of being rich normally focuses on long term goals therefore making it feel impossible to achieve.
3. Most people over estimate what they can achieve in 1 year and under estimate what they can achieve in 10 years
4. People tell themselves that "they don't really care about money" and then proceed to work 40 plus hours a week in a job they hate
5. People never decide that they must become rich and take genuine action towards achieving this goal
6. People don't have a realistic plan
7. People don't follow the plan
8. People listen to advice from poor people yet they are very skeptical about advice from rich people
9. People allow other people's opinions to effect their action and goals
10. People don't take responsibility for their own results always blaming everyone else if they don't succeed [Read more]

Eat Yourself To Death

Generally People are either too busy or too lazy to check what they are putting in the mouths of themselves and their children. They truly believe that food manufactures would never try and poison them or put “Highly Toxic” ingredients into their food. This could not be more further from the truth.

These are the same people that constantly suffer from being overweight or obese, depression, constipation, loss of vision, anemia, heart disease, respiratory illnesses and varying forms of cancer to name just a few from a very long list.What you are about to read here is going to shock you. It will change the way you eat forever and hopefully, if applied, will prevent the premature death of you, your family members and your friends within the next 10 years.

Take a close look at the labels on the food in your house and you will find that most have Canola Oil or Vegetable Oil (which 9 times out of 10 is Canola Oil) on their list of ingredients. Well to get started, here are probably the 10 most important facts about canola oil that you will ever read [Read more]

How to Calm Down Easily: Some Zen Steps

The monkey mind is the mind that jumps from one thing to the next, fears, demands, grabs and sabotages our lives. But when we take charge of our focus, we still and dissolve the monkey mind, and we also discover a place within which we can always return, for wisdom, strength and comfort. When we allow the external world to consume us, we are simply giving our natural treasures away.

Reality continually renews and confronts us with new tasks, challenges, opportunities and solutions, day after day. Are we in touch with this ever flowing reality? Usually we focus upon what is missing, what we lack and what hasn’t worked out as we hoped it would. We do not focus upon what is available now, the gifts we are receiving and what we can give to others. It is a simple matter to turn this around.

As we take charge of our focus we dwell upon our strengths and the strengths of others, not the weaknesses. We find what is healthy and encourage that to grow. Rather than struggle to analyze and undo our patterns, we work directly with our focus. The question before us always is: What am I focusing on this moment? Am I available to what is going on, or lost somewhere in a dream? By taking our attention off our toxic inner dialogue, and focusing upon what is going on now we interfere with the negative thoughts that are causing our suffering. However, when our focus and life are primarily self-absorbed, we live in a prison without bars. Any insult, real or imagined, can become the cause of great pain, resulting in withdrawal and retreat into fantasies [Read more]

Top 10 Cars That Have Cheap Insurance Rates

Buying a new car is one of the most expensive bills you will have to pay besides your house (most likely). To make sure you get the best deal on your car you have to key in the insurance rates as well. There are many vehicles on the market that are known for their affordable insurance rates. If you want the most for your money, you may want to consider one of the cheapest insurance rate vehicles. Not sure what they are? Keep reading and you may find out some of the best deals for your future cars.

Top 10 Vehicles that have the Cheapest Insurance Rate for 2008:

1. Chrysler Town & Country – The Town and Country is the cheapest vehicle to insure as of 2008. The average premium price for this vehicle is only $940 a year!

2. Ford Escape – The Ford Escape has been a major hit for the year 2008. It has come a long way for its gas mileage and now is the second cheapest vehicle to insure for 2008. To insure a Ford Escape for the whole year you will pay an average price of $1,022 per year [Read more]

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Plus Your Civil Rights

The Cost Will Be $44.95 a Month, Plus Your Civil Rights

How did we get to this point in history? The cell phone started out as all inventions do: Science fiction. Good old conjecture. Then it moved to the next stage, as a luxury for the super-rich. A scarce toy with poor service for early adopters. These ultra-wealthy then started buying these for their businesses, partly as a way to get things done in a quicker manner, and partly to keep up with the Jones'.

Now, we are looking at something that is a necessity for communication, in any form. Pay-phones are now a novelty. Many of us don't even have home phones to make a call on anymore. With the massive adoption of the broadband internet, and the availability of email and information on-command data, why would we waste $25 to keep a landline?

Triangulation was the first way that 911 was able to locate us in the event of an emergency. Using 3 cell towers, they were able to isolate our signal, and depending on the strength of it, isolate our position to a matter of 500 feet of search area. This has saved some lives, but it has also served as a cover for far more sinister activity: Tracking us. Now, to that, we've added GPS. This was filed under "convenience". "Never get lost again", was the marvelous claim that this was marketed under. Now, instead of 500 feet, we can be tracked within a matter of inches [Read more]

Pluto in Capricorn and Indigo Children

From the moment of the Big Bang, that was the birth of the Universe, these conscious entities "knew" where and more importantly for us, when they would "arrive" at a particular point of the Zodiac at any given point. Therefore, instead of looking at the ingress of Pluto into Capricorn with trepidation, we should look (possibly) at the state of Capricorn as it is at present. In other words, when we enter a room, we can always tell if someone's been there before us by the state that the room is in. Any mother knows that!

This generation of children who were born under the very demanding combined energies of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune (1988-1991 and beyond, because it wasn't until 1996 that Uranus left Neptune alone in Capricorn) are sometimes referred to as "Indigo Children". A name that seems to suggest their vibrations are at the opposite end of the spectrum to the red/warrior types. If we simply take the symbolism of the three planets in turn we get Saturn structure, Uranus breaking through and Neptune spiritualising and refining. So to make a coherent image, I see this as the type of mentality and way of functioning in the world that offers ways to break through old forms and refine and idealise human behavior [Read more]

5 Ways to Determine If Your Spouse is Cheating

1. Changed Routines – One thing you want to look for if you think your spouse may be cheating on you is if he or she changes up their routine suddenly. For instance, let’s say they work at a job where they’ve never had to stay late and suddenly, they have been working a lot of ‘overtime.’

Another example could be if your husband or wife have suddenly started going to visit friends in the evening or going out with the ‘boys’ or ‘ladies.’ While this doesn’t mean for certain that your spouse is cheating, it’s certainly a red flag.

2. Changes in Appearance – This is another classic sign. If your spouse has dressed a certain way for years and suddenly they have changed their appearance or dress, you may need to be suspicious. They might have gotten a new hairstyle, different clothes, suddenly started wearing perfume or cologne, etc. These are all signs that your spouse may be trying to look great for someone else.

3. Unexplained Calls – If your spouse’s cell phone bill or the house phone bill has had some strange calls lately, you may want to take a second look. Check for a repeat number that you don’t recognize. Also, if you’ve been having hang-up calls, it could be your spouse’s lover trying to get in touch with them. While there are cases of calls being billed to the wrong account, if this happens more than once, you should start getting suspicious [Read more]

What to Expect From a Gypsy Fortune Teller

During the 15th and 16th century the usual dress of the gypsy woman consisted of a simple robe gathered at the neck. It was worn over an under gown made of chemise. They would also drape a cloth behind their backs, cross it at the front and tie it at the shoulder in the fashion of the toga which the Romans wore. They also wore a turban on their heads.

Fortune Telling is a mystical practice which deals with the prediction of future through supernatural means and is usually done for commercial gain. Western Fortune telling mainly concerns future romances, financial predictions and those related to child birth. Fortune tellers are also sought to help in the decisions of jobs, illness, marriage or divorce.

The major reason as to why people come to card readings is to know whether or not they will be happy. Fortunately, more often than not, cards bring joy and hope into their lives. However, along with predicting our client's happiness we also have to explain the essence of the Fortune card. Fortune telling can only show us the source of our happiness while it is our responsibility to recognize, capture and protect it [Read more]

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just be Friends

Can't we Just be Friends?

It's as though women have two separate file folders: FRIENDS and POTENTIAL LOVERS and there is no mixing of the two. Worse yet, once she puts you into the FRIENDS folder it's nearly impossible to make a switch to the other. This is why it is so important not to act like a friend during the early stages of getting to know a woman. It is next to impossible to make it into the POTENTIAL LOVER folder after you've been relegated to the FRIENDS folder.

If you do the kind of things friends do, she will see you as belonging in the FRIENDS folder, even if she initially felt ATTRACTION for you. Virtually every guy that a woman meets gets categorized. Some, more quickly than others. Nonetheless, every guy is labeled [Read more]

Seven Ways to De-Stress

Studies show that women are more likely than men to experience anxiety, depression, and just feel generally stressed-out. This may be due to hormones, genetics, or because women feel they need to be and do everything for everyone. Keeping the house up, arranging the kids’ hectic schedules, working, friends, husbands, church…women tend to have a huge collection of hats of which they wear several on any given day.

And Christian women certainly aren’t exempt. Many people think that Christians are supposed to have it all together. Ha! There are days when I feel like I’ve lost my mind and burst into tears as I look at my “to-do list” that’s much longer than the hours in the day. And while God offers me His peace, I don’t always think to ask Him for it before the stress finds its way in [Read more]

Proper Eye Contact With Women

The proper use of your eyes can improve your chances of meeting women. We have to understand why this is true before taking advantage of it. Proper use of eye contact can help you quickly and easily identify interested and available females, and also tell them that you are interested in knowing them better.

Guys that are good at making and interpreting eye contact signals have almost no risk of being publicly rejected, embarrassed, humiliated, or ridiculed. Proper eye contact technique is like a handshake between strangers. It serves as an introduction and an opportunity for more interactions, if BOTH parties desire it.This is why you can use eye contact to instantly screen out women that are not interested or just not interested in you specifically, at that moment [Read more]

What do You Really Want in a Woman?

Most guys will respond with something like "I want to be able to nail every woman I feel ATTRACTED to ..." But this is only because they haven't thought things through.

It's not that being able to bed any woman you choose is a bad thing ... it's just not an answer to the above question.

I'm asking what you really want in a woman ... not "how often do you want to have casual sex?" I'm putting you through this exercise because it will help you to deal more confidently with women you meet. More about this later.Once you know what you really want in a woman you will start doing things that helps YOU qualify the women you meet. This is a complete reversal of how things normally happen.

Remember what I said when you were first introduced to the Memorable MACKing philosophy: "Don't play by the rules." [Read more]

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Winning And Losing

Redefining Winning And Losing

Most of us allow others to dictate how we see winning and losing for ourselves. This is a fundamental mistake. How can it make sense to live our lives according to the opinions of others? If your parents/family have certain expectations for you, your life, and your work - they are defining winning and losing for you. Be willing to get clear on your values and goals. Most of us are reared to embrace the values and goals of our parents and family members. We don't give a lot of thought to how we truly believe and think and aspire. We simply parrot what we've been taught. We have never thought deeply about our own beliefs and most of us would not dare to hold conflicting beliefs. Without examining these for yourself, the possibility of a deeply gratifying and authentic life becomes impossible. Instead, you simply "go along" with your life as someone else has laid it out for you.

If, upon examination, you discover the desire to live a life counter to what's been expected, it will take some will and fortitude to forge the new path. When we find ourselves deciding to create a life of our own choosing, there is likely to be resistance from others. Typically, those with expectations for us are unlikely to abandon them willingly. Those who desire to run our lives will inevitably find our choices disappointing [Read more]

The Color of Food and Weight Loss

It is possible to color coordinate a healthy diet from foods that have a deeply saturated color because the color is a signal to what types of nutrients are contained in the fresh food. By eating from an array of deeply colored foods daily, it is possible to provide the body with highly nutritious foods that can curb the hunger feeling.

When eating a healthy or unhealthy diet, your body will get hungry when it needs more energy or nutrients every few hours. Cravings and bingeing begins when the body does not have all the nutrients that it needs. A craving will start for a food or snack that provides a bit of that nutrient and bingeing will happen when the body is such desperate need of a nutrient that a person will binge on a food or foods that contain some of the nutrients that they need. To avoid this cycle, the best diet will provide the all the nutrients that the body needs.

Deeply colored foods contain more nutrients than their duller companions. Eating foods that offer more nutrition can contribute to more than just weight loss because the nutrients found in these highly nutritious foods can protect the body against many diseases including cancer. Eating too much foods that are low in nutrition can be a direct cause of weight gain, illness and disease. The choice to eat highly colored natural foods is a step in the right direction for many people [Read more]

I Am Not My "To-Do" List - Or Am I?

I fear for my life when the to do lists take over. Notice plural. I can't live without them and I can barely live with them. Of course, there's more than one. They grow, they multiply, they spawn themselves into more. I write my lists to capture all the stuff of life. I write lists of ideas that tend to fly. I write lists for the maintenance projects or new ideas for the corner garden I recently ripped out. It's the chaos corner of the property planted with impossible roses. I'm about to give up on them. So there's a list of replacement ideas. Then there's the food shopping list that usually includes the drug store, drycleaner and hardware store. For groceries, I wonder why I bother to buy anything let alone make a list about it. I'm out in the world a lot for meals or I forget to eat what I bought. When I do finally get some groceries in the house I overbuy and so that doesn't work either.

This list making thing started when years ago my Mom gave me this little red booklet in the midst of a personal crisis. The booklet was encouraging making a list of all the things you wanted for your life. Start writing and at the end of the weekend, and not before, she said, will we talk about it. O.K. Mom. I wrote lists, more lists, edited them, threw stuff at the page with great fury and exuberance. I wrote and edited in a storm. The next day those things that seemed exactly what I wanted stayed on the list. Other things that seemed great yesterday and now seemed ludicrous or totally alien to anything I would ever consider doing or being went away. By the end of the weekend, I had a handle on the immediate crisis and the beginning of some Light for a long term picture. I had run the marathon of non-stop list making [Read more]

5 Keys to Happiness

How can happiness be unreasonable? If I was giddy, or manic, or obviously unhinged, I'd understand the comment. But that's never been the case. Those comments were directed toward me when my life's circumstances were understood: I have two children with a serious mental illness, bipolar disorder. When other people learn that fact, they sometimes feel pity, or sadness, or some other negative emotion. I understand that. We never expect to have less than perfectly healthy offspring, and we certainly don't expect people to be happy about the fact when they do. But how defeating is that attitude? I mean, really, since two of my kids have an inherited illness (that can be treated, by the way), I should live in a puddle of my own despair?I don't think so!

I think we are meant to be happy; and I've always made happiness my aim, despite the obvious let-downs and challenges. We can all make that choice. And it is a choice. Researchers from across the US, including groups at University of California at Riverside, University of Illinois, University of Minnesota and University of Pennsylvania, have studied happiness and all its intricate makings and workings. As I read their findings I identified five common components, or keys, to the development of happiness in anyone's life, regardless of circumstance. You might be surprised at how simple it is to be happy [Read more]

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Beauty Products Killing

Are Beauty Products Killing Us?

If you're like most Americans, you use an average of nine products, containing about 126 unique ingredients, every day. Every day! More than a quarter of women use at least fifteen. This includes shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, lip balm and lipstick, sunscreen, body lotion, hair coloring, hair spray, shaving cream, perfume, makeup, and soap. And each of these products, in turn, contains a dizzying (sometimes literally) array of chemicals and fragrances, most of them synthetic petrochemicals and many of them potentially toxic.

Nearly 400 products sold in the United States contain chemicals that are prohibited for use in cosmetics in other countries. More than 400 products contain ingredients that the cosmetic industry's own safety panels have found unsafe when used as directed on product labels.

An astonishing 98 percent of all products contain one or more ingredients never publicly assessed for safety. And then there are the dozens of chemical ingredients in personal-care products that the government and the industry say are safe but for which there are troubling, though not definitive, study results. Parabens are a good example. Parabens are synthetic preservatives and they're in all sorts of lotions and potions. Industry and the government say they're safe. However, researchers examining the effects of these chemicals in lab animals and in marine life say they suspect parabens are hormone disrupters [Read more]

Half Million Home Foreclosure Victims Become Renters

The wave of real estate foreclosure is not expected to end soon, so those looking to turn lemons into lemonade should begin to pay attention. Foreclosure investing could be a bright spot in an otherwise dismal real estate market.Oh sure, the US congress made noises like they were working on a foreclosure bailout that will help struggling homes owners. But, as usual, when you read the legislation's fine print darn free people can count on getting help of any kind. It is definitely a case of to little to late.

Here's where foreclosure investors should be focusing their attention. Banks are flooded with home foreclosures and in an effort the slash their foreclosure property inventory they are willing to deal with investors who know what they're doing.One of the secrets of business success is to find a need and fill it. When you can see a growing demand for rental property your goal should be to get in front of that demand as quickly as possible. One way to do that is to buy deeply discounted homes from banks and lenders. Those deep discounts mean that you can offer to rent those homes at the reasonable rates required by a new population of financial stressed renters.

The whole foreclosure crisis developed not because people could not afford to own homes. But rather they bought more home than they could afford. Now you have an army of renters with bad credit, but good paying jobs. They can afford to pay rent of they can find landlords willing to rent to them [Read more]

Can You Take Viagra If Your a Smoker?

Your doctor should be aware of anything that you are taking or doing while on Viagra, including smoking. Caffeine, alcohol, the nicotine from cigarettes, or street drugs can affect the function of many medications. Headaches and dizziness are a couple of the side effects that result from taking Viagra but often when men smoke too, the headaches and the dizziness can be much more painful and last longer.

Look at it this way for a minute, if smoking can cause or at least contribute to erectile dysfunction and you are taking a medication to treat the erectile dysfunction, then why smoke?

Another side effect from taking Viagra is stomach upset but it is also proven that the ill effects of smoking can also affect the digestive system. This very well could be the cause of the erectile dysfunction. The bad news is that quitting will not stop any erectile dysfunction because once the damage is done it is too late but it can contribute to some improvement and also help the Viagra to work better. Since everybody is different it may improve or even may not improve [Read more]

Is Astral Projecting or Travel Really Possible?

It is quite likely that you dream, in fact nearly everybody across the globe dreams when sleeping. Note this is not touching on those who daydream; that’s different.In order to explain the mechanism behind dreaming, here is a basic definition. In a nutshell, this is feeling an out of the body experience. It may sound mystic to the ear, but it is a likely fact which people around the world have felt and acknowledged at some level.

When we sleep, our physical body goes to sleep, but our mind works continuously. This is primarily the reason why we dream about the facts and experience which have not felt as yet. So in other words astral projection is the extension of our dream like state, but the only difference being is that we can control it and do it whenever we want. This cannot be termed as the sleepy state completely, although the feeling is that of sleep.

Astral projection is to large extent a proved theory. Even religious literature of all sorts puts the seal on this technique.In the past this type of therapy was used to cure psychological ailments. Then unfortunately, it lost touch in a world focused on drugs for curing every ailment [Read more]

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gold Investors Should Relax

Why Gold Investors Should Relax

The recent 25% correction in the price of gold per ounce has a lot of bullion investors wondering if the bull market in gold is over. I'm going to provide you with a little bit of historical gold trivia that I hope will reassure you that the fundamental reasons for owning gold bullion, as a safe-haven investment, are still valid . . .

If the gold bull market were over, we would have:
1. Low inflation
2. Healthy banks
3. Stable housing prices
4. A new, major oil discovery
5. Increasing job creation
6. A falling unemployment rate
7. A fiscally responsible government
8. A strong dollar due to a balanced budget and a shrinking deficit

I don't see any of the above happening anytime soon. Do you? [Read more]

Do You Live Your Life As an Amateur?

An amateur never figures out what his/her life goals are. An amateur never takes time to discover their values, much less to embody and live them. An amateur never makes their goals into the #1 priority focusing on them daily and putting them first. An amateur never assesses or addresses their "weaknesses". If you think of like as a game, do you play like an amateur or like a pro? Here are some ideas to get out of amateur league living.

Decide that you are going to live like a pro and go for what you really want. This means a commitment to excellence, to doing your best, to give up second rate performance. Pros are almost always clear on their goals. When they start, they may not know the whole process necessary for success, but they start the work anyway, knowing they will learn along the way. Taking the time to make goals, assess progress regularly, and alter the plan as you go is the sign of a pro.

A pro considers their deepest values when they make their goals. If you're going to devote a major part of your time to something, doesn't it make sense that it is in alignment with and supports your values? [Read more]

What is the Difference Between Yoga and Qigong?

Yoga has its origins in ancient India and has been in practice for centuries. Yoga essentially means “to sum up” or “to combine”. To put it in simpler words it implies to connect oneself with the inner soul. When one does so, inner peace is achieved. This health exercise is beneficial for nearly everyone irrespective of the age.

People who practice yoga sit or stand in a position as told by the person who guides them while on the other hand some people do it on their own with the help of books and other resources. Meditation, slow rhythm, and positive thinking are the basic building blocks of this therapy. Any human being irrespective of health status can enjoy the benefits of the yoga. In modern days Yoga has caught the fancy of many and has even found acceptance amongst celebrities.

Samurai warriors and fighters who took part in swordfight in feudal china often needed something to calm their unfazed mind. In their quest to find a solution they stumbled upon the fact that the body of human is the store house of energy. They explored various dimensions in which humans can direct their energy and unleash it. This technique primarily stressed on the rhythm of breathing pattern. Further on, this technique was refined and remodeled after various qigong masters. People who follow this therapy are guided to swing their body slowly and gently as if they are in a slow motion dance. Qigong masters believe that energy moves in our body and if we could tap it then health and strong body can be achieved [Read more]

5 Things Debt Settlement Companies Are Not Telling You

Credit card debt relief is a burgeoning business and credit card debt relief companies are throwing a lifeline for those battling with insurmountable credit card debts. You may do your own credit card debt settlement if you have the time and energy to do all the planning and the credit card debt negotiation. If not, get a professional to do the grunt work.

Getting professional help from a credit card debt relief company may cost, but you no longer have to worry about haggling and negotiating with credit card companies. A credit card debt settlement expert does the job effectively since their company has a working relationship with credit card companies and has insider information on the industry's trade secrets.

But before you eagerly knock on the doors of credit card debt relief companies, know what you are putting up with because not all credit card debt settlement companies are going to reveal their dirty secrets. Here are the shocking truths [Read more]

Monday, September 29, 2008

Do You Feel Free?

Do You Feel Free?

Do you believe that someone has to give you your freedom? Do you believe that you can be free only when you have others' approval? Is your sense of freedom dependent upon what others think of you?If you believe that your freedom is dependent upon another or others, then you will wait forever to be free. You will feel free when you decide that you are going to do what feels right and loving to do for yourself, regardless of what others think.

How do you reach a place where you are willing to trust yourself enough to follow your own inner guidance rather than be limited by others? How do you come to a place where you are willing to experience others' disapproval in order to be true to yourself? [Read more]

Obama’s Plan to Tax the Poor

There are two other major ways that Obama plans on taxing the poor. One is by raising taxes on corporations and second is by making businesses pay for insurance for people who do not work for their companies. Both of these programs will significantly impact the poor and especially the poorest of all Americans.

Obama like many Democrats, is relying on the general lack of understanding of how taxes work. They want you to think that they are taxing someone else. There is only one group of Americans that pay taxes, that is the individual tax payer. Yes, you can tax companies and corporations but they are not the ones who pay the taxes. The taxes are paid by the people who buy their products or use their services. If you raise taxes on businesses they have no choice but to add the cost into the prices of their products or services. If they do not they go out of business. Below is an example of how taxing corporations affects prices. For the example I will use food because everyone including the poorest of the poor has to buy food [Read more]

How to Get Your Child Moving!

Your children also need you to get out there and join them. Throw the ball around, take a walk, go for a family bike ride, set up one of those portable basketball hoops in the driveway or walk up to the local playground. Children learn by doing and watching what we do. If we sit on the couch and watch television after we send them outside, we are not sending a consistent message. Most children’s faces absolutely light up when Mom or Dad join them outside in their games.

If you are not into playing games, then just step outside and sweep the sidewalk. Be out there with them for at least a little while. Maybe you could spend an hour a day all week pulling weeds out of your flowerbeds while the children play. They may join you for a bit while you work, but be prepared for them to wander off to play.They need to explore their environments and spend some time close to nature. No, you don’t have to go camping or fishing if that isn’t your thing. Take a walk by the edge of the retention pond and look at the minnows. Talk in a hushed voice when the egret lands so you don’t disturb his dinner [Read more]

College Trick 1: How To Help Your Hangover

An alcohol hangover is associated with a variety of symptoms that may include dehydration, fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness,difficulty concentrating, sensitivity to light and noise, erratic motor functions, trouble sleeping, and lack of depth perception. Many people will also be repulsed by the thought or taste of alcohol during a hangover. The symptoms vary from person to person, and occasion to occasion, usually beginning several hours after drinking.

Of course you are reading this because you are randomly bored, but i assure you , after reading this you will be fully prepared for what may happen any crazy night of the week at college. This will definently make your next day a hell of a lot better. This formula has helped me multiple times in my college career, and i hope it will help you too.Vitamin B12 and Dehydration are 2 main causes to why you feel so bad in the morning. In order to stop these from happening there are acouple of premeditated things you can do in your drunk stuper before you get to sleep [Read more]

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The "Toilet Stoppages" Of Life

The "Toilet Stoppages" Of Life

There are times in life when you're making great progress on your goals, gaining momentum, developing direction and suddenly find a major blockage. There's nothing you can do but deal with it. No amount of complaining, crying, protesting, whining or ignoring the blockage will change the fact. You must stop what you are doing and deal with it. You could try ignoring it. You could pretend it's not blocked and keep using it. You could even leave it for someone else to fix...and live with the stink. If you want to solve the problem and get right back to making progress, you will have to take the actions that get your life unblocked.

Whatever you do, don't ignore the problem. It is likely that doing so will only lead to a nasty mess on the floor, or a big stinking unresolved problem to be dealt with later. Make sure that you handle the problem as quickly as possible. Every life has unexpected "toilet stoppages" in it. Don't let it be an excuse to stop making progress. Don't choose to ignore it and end up with a stinking mess or overflowing sewage. Just deal with it! [Read more]

Why Ghosts Stay Around After Their Death, And 5 Ways You Can Avoid Making the Same Mistake

Several things happen once you leave your body. First, very few people - other than a few psychics - can see, hear or interact with you. So your existence becomes very, very lonely. Second, after you die you can hear others' thoughts and feel their feelings. This might be entertaining in the short term, but in the long term it's demoralizing. (Think about the amount of greed, hatred and suffering in the world.) And third, your life is over at this point. There's nothing left for you to do here and your life becomes empty and depressing, which is crazy-making.

Ghosts don't consciously choose this miserable life, no more than the living consciously choose to live tragic and depressed lives. But, like the living, they end up in this sad existence because they haven't faced the challenges and spiritual lessons of their lives. Here are 5 ways you can avoid making the same mistake with your life [Read more]

7 Hot Christmas Gifts For a Man Who Has it All

If he has everything, why not give him absolutely nothing as a Christmas gift! This gift of nothing comes in the shape of an empty wrapper labelled with the word 'Nothing' and a short description. Nothing happens once opened and nothing can be exchanged for it. Let's just hope he has a sense of humour!

His name and a message can both be printed on the bottle, making this Christmas gift both personal and unique. Note that this kind of gift derives its personality from the message on the bottle, because a simple bottle of champagne would be more suited for a friend rather than a partner as a Christmas gift. If he enjoys the finer things in life then this may just be the present for him. Should he be more of a wine drinker than one of the options in number 3 may be more suitable for him.

Such an experience can include a racing along a track in a super fast Ferrari or even flying a plane. He could be enjoying a scenic view from a helicopter ride or tasting a plethora of wines in a Vineyard with you by his side. For less adrenaline, a relaxing day at the spa is also an option. Intangible gifts like these avoid them from lying around and collecting dust. Despite being very atypical Christmas gifts, they are unforgettable activities that are bound to make his day [Read more]

Trying to Make a Cat Into a Dog

There's something seriously askew when we cannot accept the basic nature of others in our life. Here are some things to consider. Perhaps the issue is that you never noticed the basic nature of the cat. You've spent a lot of time with them, but somehow (perhaps because you wished it so) you convinced yourself that the cat was a dog.

There are those who delude themselves about the nature of things from the beginning. They prefer to live in fantasy rather than in reality. They end up with lots of knocks on the head (or heart) doing this, but somehow they just keep repeating the pattern. Some people accept others as they are at first, then later decide who they are is not adequate or acceptable. This can have a lot of can be a "rejection game" meant to allow them to feel superior. It can be a way to create distance. Perhaps they were desperate for attention and company at first, then wake up one day finding fault [Read more]

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Removal of Anger

Energetic Healing for the Removal of Anger

The true purpose of anger is to stimulate us to take action. The more that we can be present in us with our feelings and express them in some way we release anger with greater ease.

The problem is that most of us were not taught to be present with our anger in some way or form. Some of the more common themes that we create of a distorted view of anger are: good children don’t get mad, a dominating force over us to create submission, or confronting anger with more anger.

The first step in breaking out of your own cycle is the realization that it is your own creation. The people that influenced you to be a certain way did not create you or your limitations. Some though had very few choices but to express anger by suppressing or dominating. It is important not to judge you as wrong for what you have chosen [Read more]

Teenage Bodybuilding

There are several things that all teenagers should realize before jumping into teenage bodybuilding, and under no condition should any teenager use steroids. While the body is still growing, teenagers need to make sure to work out safely in a way that won't permanently injure their bodies. Bodybuilding is a great healthy activity for young people when it is done right.

But for teenage bodybuilding to be done right, there are many different truths, or realities, that teens must be fully aware of. Still Growing: During the ages of 14-18, and sometimes even longer, a teenager's body is still growing and filling out. Because of this it is especially important to avoid work out programs that have a risk of severe injury. This is true of any athlete, but particularly bodybuilders since they are working to bulk up as their bones and muscles are still growing. Safety should always come first, there's no sense in getting a permanent injury, especially if it could have been easily prevented.

Stay Away from Supplements: Some combinations turn out to be deadly (see Creatine and Ephedra), most are loaded with caffeine that could cause heart problems, and if you have a smart diet with the right proteins, carbs, and work outs then you don't need any extra help. Stay away from anything that isn't natural and work on the good habits that make champion teenage bodybuilders [Read more]

4 Bald Celebrities Who Look Awfully Good

Perhaps it would be comforting to know that even celebrities can suffer from hair loss. There are some celebrities that simply choose to go bald and flaunt it rather than go worrying and going through numerous treatments.

Patrick Stewart—best known for his role in Star Trek, is a multi-awarded actor (both on film and stage). Stewart has never been ashamed of his baldness, in fact, he was even included on the list of Sexiest Man on Television on the 1992 TV Guide.

Bruce Willis who wouldn’t be able to recognize this hot and sexy action star? He starred in many unforgettable films such as Armageddon, Pulp Fiction, Sin City, The Sixth Sense and the Die Hard series. His hair noticeably receded in the late 90’s. He eventually shaved the rest of it and started a trend among white males as did Michael Jordan among the African-Americans [Read more]

Three Common Relationship Mistakes to Avoid

The more you worry about it the more he thinks that you're changing. He thinks that maybe you're not interested in him anymore because you seem to be distant and always thinking about something else. Then he holds back and when he does, you think that maybe he's not interested in you anymore. You start questioning him over the little things he does. His calls are not as frequent as before and he visits you less often. He thinks you're worried over nothing so he'll step away from the relationship thinking that that's the best solution.

Not knowing how his mind works. It's easy for women to assume that they're in an exclusive relationship after a few dates. He, on the other hand, thinks that he's just having a grand time with a wonderful woman.

Making the “big mistake.” Thinking about your needs, but never about his own, is the big mistake. Although meeting our needs first is our basic nature, this won't work in a relationship. You have to take the limelight away from you momentarily and focus on what his needs are. Do this and you're sure to benefit from it in the future [Read more]

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Don’t Feel Guilty if You Forget

Memory Improvement – Don’t Feel Guilty if You Forget

While you read this article, you recognized instantly and on the spot hundreds of different letter combinations that form words. How else could you possibly make it this far if you did not remember the meaning associated with each letter that makes up word?

Think of facts about your favorite sport or hobby? What else quickly comes to your mind? These thoughts probably came in the form of pictures to your mind. You are remembering.You remember the days of the weeks and the standard concepts of time. How is it that you don't forget these ideas? Easy. You live with them and apply these ideas on a daily basis. Memory improvement does not have to be so challenging.

You can remember an old high school buddy from 10 years ago, even if you saw him in the African Sahara because you associate certain characteristics with him.

However, you may pass the same stranger every day on your walk to work, recognize his face and never learn his name. Then one day you may come across him in a city far away and you begin to wonder just exactly where did you see him last. He looks familiar you will think to yourself [Read more]

How To Develop The Habit Of Saving

Now I am going to tell you something, which will probably surprise you - NEVER TOUCH THE MONEY! No, I am not crazy, but this is one of the peculiarities of life - it is no good saving the money for a rainy day or emergencies, because you will find that an emergency will crop up fairly regularly - you'll just never create wealth. Most people consider a birthday, Christmas, new car etc. as an emergency - your funds will never mount. If you have a specific goal towards which you are moving, you should set up a separate account - a new car savings account for example - BUT NEVER TOUCH YOUR WEALTH BANK!

But what if you are already living to the limit, up to your neck in debt with unpaid bills. With no spare cash how are you going to save 10% of your income? If this is the case, and I've been there myself, you have to start saving something maybe 1% of your income, or put your loose change in a jar and invest it in an interest account at the end of each month. Any time you receive a bonus - Christmas, birthday money etc., invest it once again. It doesn't matter how small the amount, once you start saving and it develops into habit, good things WILL begin to be attracted to your life [Read more]

Why Relationships Become Boring and How to Spice Them Up!

We slip into the Dead Zone when we are avoiding our emotions – when we have switched them off in the belief that they will hurt us or get us into trouble. In a relationship it is part of what Dr. Chuck Spezzano, founder of the Psychology of Vision, has termed Independence. When we are independent we have disconnected in our relationships and dissociated from our emotions in the belief that we can be happy and successful without relying on other people. In a romantic relationship this happens when there is something so horrible in our minds that we hide it away so nobody can see it.

The only problem is that these hidden feelings are still very much present in our subconscious mind and will create all sorts of problems for us. If you are in a relationship that seems dead and boring ask yourself what is it that is not being expressed in the relationship? What is it that you and your partner are afraid to talk about? There will be some secret, fear or piece of guilt that is shutting you both down.

Relationships can easily turn into inadvertent conspiracies where both partners unconsciously agree to avoid dealing with the problems that stand between them. This is often because either partner feels that to reveal their concerns, resentments or pain, will drive away their partner. There are some things we have not even shared with the people closest to us and it is these things that eventually create deadness in a relationship [Read more]

How to Bond With Your Children

If you want to see your younger child’s eyes light up, plop yourself down on the floor while he or she is playing. Young children live for the opportunity to include their parents in their games. While it is good for them to spend time playing independently, it is equally important for them to have a few minutes of time to just play. Young children need spend time playing in a way that does not impose rules on them. They need the freedom to create rules themselves. This type of play may be more challenging for parents as most of us have forgotten how to play, but give yourself time and opportunity, follow your child’s lead and you will catch on.

For tired parents of young children, a snuggle on the couch after the dinner with a favorite book will go a long way toward helping you reconnect with your little one at the end of the busy day. Think of this time as an investment in your children’s future [Read more]

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wedding Superstitions

Common Wedding Day Superstitions

Everything the bride says while opening presents will come back to her on her wedding night. It could be good to be careful with this one . . . you never know! Having the same phrases repeated on the wedding night could be a good or bad thing, depending.

For good luck, the first gift opened should be the first gift used. There are a few superstitions surrounding the gifts given at a bridal shower, such as the giver of the third present opened will have a baby.The whole wedding outfit must not be tried on until the actual day of the wedding. This common superstition is due to the fact that it was thought to bring bad luck on the bride. If she put on all her wedding garb before the wedding . . . she might not be married after all!Green, yellow, pink and red wedding dresses are considered bad form. According to an old marriage rhyme, these four colors of wedding dresses would bring assorted miseries on the married couple`s life and they wouldn`t be happy [Read more]

You Are Not on Your Own, Universe Assists You

Your mission will take more than one day to conclude, even more than one year. It is your life work, steadily unfolding as you progress on your path. It’s quite normal that you are in need of assistance on this journey. This can be received from friends, family members, professional counselors, training courses, education programs, effective aid, contacts, books, …You are not supposed to complete your mission entirely on your own. Your mission is connected to the mission of the people around you. Each of them also has their mission, and part of it may well be to assist you! Ask for help, and don’t carry the false belief that you need to do this on your own.

Do not let this happen. Remember that you are a social being living in a social context, able to help others and receive help from others. Everybody else is here with a specific purpose. Part of that purpose it to help you! Without other people receiving your help, your mission would be meaningless. In the same way, your needs give meaning to the mission of others. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance when you need it! [Read more]

Mom's Guide to Saving Time

Make a plan and write it down. Make it a habit to write a daily list of things to do and things you need. Life gets so busy sometimes especially if you have kids. It is going to be helpful to have those lists handy. You can easily save an extra trip to the store if you have a list of things to buy. You can also figure out how you can run all your errands so that you do not have to drive back and forth. Try to shop in the evenings when stores are less busy. There is no need to waste an hour standing in line when you can do something more productive with that time. Don't care to stand in line? Try shopping online.

Plan your meals. You can use a blank monthly or weekly calendar to list down your meals for the upcoming week. Once you have the meals figured out, it will be easier to come up with a shopping list based on the meals. Keep your planned meals posted on the refrigerator door so you know what needs to be prepared. Even if it is tempting to sway off the planned meals, do your best to stick to it - you can save lots of money this way and keep with in your budget [Read more]

How Safe Are Teeth Whitening Gels?

The dilemma that people face is the perceived added safety of having a procedure carried out professionally by a dentist, against the possible major cost saving of a home treatment. Will the home teeth whitening product be as effective and will it be safe to use? Is it easy to follow the instructions and if you do, are there any possible side effects? What are the arguments?

In order to provide a safe product for home use, especially in over the counter products, the teeth gel supplied is of a lower concentration than you would get in a professional treatment. So one question that people ask is, with less of the active ingredients, can they produce worthwhile results? But there is also a kind of conspiracy theory, questions this.Do unscrupulous manufacturers add more of the bleaching agent than they admit to, so that their product will work? It is even suggested that abrasive materials are added that can be potentially damaging to tooth enamel. I think that both of these theories can be discounted. As long as you stick to properly licensed products you should be safe. The penalties for such practices, from major fines and lawsuits, to withdrawal of the product license, would be too costly to contemplate [Read more]

Slow Death By A Thousand To Do’s

Slow Death By A Thousand To Do’s

Are you demoralized on an ongoing basis because the To Do list grows as fast on one end as it shrinks on the other end? Does it seem like your To Do list is a stack of items about two feet high, and consumes all your time? Do you wonder if there is any meaningful way to manage your To Do list and not be "run" by it?

Consider the "Rotating To Do List". The concept is that you always organize your To Do list with the highest priority items on top, and handle the most important items first. It’s called a rotating To Do list, because the most important things naturally rotate to the top of the list, and off the list when accomplished.

Unimportant items naturally rotate off the bottom of the list when you realize they do not need to be done. Items rotate up and down the list according to their importance.

Maintaining focus on accomplishing highest priority items first gives a great feeling of satisfaction and competence. It eliminates the negative feeling of being constantly bogged down in minutia. It helps us make progress on the things we consider most important. Doing that makes us feel like winners rather than losers to To Do trivia [Read more]

Fear Of Conflict Drives Us!

Can you recall a time when you did not say something you needed to say because you, "Didn’t want to fight"? This many be one of the most common human experiences. When people say or think "I don’t want to fight", what do they really mean? They probably mean that they had childhood experiences where they expressed their truth and it led to a dramatic scene of conflict. Now they connect telling their truth with unpleasantness. They also mean that they expect the other person to be unhappy with what they need to say. It’s likely that in the past they have lived with "anger addicts" whose explosive tempers created a fearful atmosphere.

They mean that they’ve not been able to separate those childhood scenes from present day. They also mean that the fear has become so entrenched that they don’t even want to attempt communicating their truth. Probably they don’t think they have the right to express their truth. Lastly, they mean that they don’t have the skills to express themselves, and don’t know how to learn them [Read more]

Improve Your Brain's Health With These Tips

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Having a healthy lifestyle means that you don't drink too much alcohol, you are not a chain smoker, or you don't expose yourself to too much stress. The brain is said to be the most vital body organ and any activity that threatens its existence is not good at all. Quit anything that can kill your brain cells. If there is one thing that must be done, it is all about maintaining a lifestyle that will promote the brain's long life.

Eat the right food at the right time. There are a number of foods which are enlisted in the three groups of balanced meals. Anything that you take into your body must be brain-friendly. It is the food which fuels the brain so that it can carry out its task. Throw away any garbage food that you keep in your cupboard or refrigerator and put in the necessary ones that can take care of your brain. Exercise your brain. A dull mind has no brain prowess. For your brain to stay active as well as alive at all times, an effective way to do that is by administering brain teasers. Put your brain at work so it gets accustomed to performing its task [Read more]

Things to Remember During an Interview

Here are some common job descriptions explained that can aid a sales job applicant specify which job is right for them. Having a successful sales career has a starting point. Successful entrepreneurs today, built the skills, attitude and character by starting off somewhere and being excellent in that field. This is where the first job description is all about, the sales representative. A sales representative is usually in charge of calling customers and building relationships with them. They usually find the need, promoting products, assisting and advising customers and taking orders from customers. Often times, this is the starting point of a sales career.

This is for people who will be getting in sales jobs. When considering a company one should always look at the company’s integrity. Remember that in a sales job interview you will be like an ambassador. You will be introducing products and services that aim to help people improve their lives. Ask yourself, am I willing to sell products that won’t really provide the best service for the people? If you are not sold out to the products you are selling and if you know with complete honesty that it won’t really help people, then don’t do it. The purpose of business is to serve and provide excellent services [Read more]

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Woman Becomes Fat in America

Skinny Asian Woman Becomes Fat in America and Writes Diet Book

I began to reflect back on when I was growing up in Asia. I was a skinny girl with a big appetite. Meals would last for an hour and I usually ate two to three plates of food in addition to mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks and also supper. I then began to realize that American food was the culprit.

I was a skinny girl when I first came to the United States twenty two years ago. But after several months of eating American food, I gained 25 pounds.

For two years, I fought to lose the weight. I read at least a dozen weight-loss books; I tried diet patches, fat reducing creams, diet pills, diet tea, Slim-Fast, and everything that was on commercials at the time. The expensive diet patches and fat-reducing creams showed no results even though I applied them religiously. The diet tea gave me diarrhea for a few days, and I lost a couple of pounds. Then it lost its power, and my stomach didn’t react anymore. Consequently, I gained back the weight, most of which was probably water anyway. Slim-Fast was just like any regular milk for me.

I would stay full for an hour, and then be hungry again. It could not substitute for a regular meal. Diet pills were a scary experience. They made my heart beat so fast, I thought it was going to explode. I also followed the directions in the many diet books I bought, but the result was always yo-yo weight loss; I would lose 5 pounds, then gain back 7 pounds. It was very discouraging [Read more]

Making Love and Logic a Lifetime Habit

My dad had his own special parenting program. It was called "My Way or the Highway." When I complained to my childhood friends that my dad bossed me around and made a household slave out of me, I was told how lucky I was because that's what loving parents were supposed to do. When he said, "Sit down and shut up," I sat down and shut up.

Needless to say I grew up knowing nothing else and tried to use the same techniques on my own child. Unfortunately, when I said, "Sit down and shut up," my kids didn't sit down and shut up. They said, "We're calling Social Services. We have rights." The parenting style my dad used so effectively didn't work on kids a generation later. I also had a hard time getting his style to work for me as a classroom teacher. I was fortunate enough to discover some new skills that worked better. But they only worked when I remembered to use them. Unfortunately that wasn't often enough. I was getting frustrated [Read more]

Teenangers and Substance Abuse

In fact, most parents who care about their children see their kids growing up to become decent members of society who will hopefully be happy and successful in their life. The sad truth is that many teenagers do become involved in things they should not, such as drugs. It could be alcohol, it could be a prescription drug or it could be a street drug. What it is does not matter; what does matter is what encourages these kids to start taking such things in their bodies. Some do it because they like the high and they keep taking it because they can’t stop, others do it because they are trying to hide from a world they have no control over.

Many teens will often turn to substance abuse because they feel it is the way to deal with the stresses and/or abuse they are suffering at home. It could be both, or just one or the other, but both play a significant role in pushing teens toward substance abuse. The sad part in all this is that in many cases this could have been avoided. It starts with the parents communicating with their child. Parents should be talking to their kids and taking part in educating the child in what is and isn’t a good idea. Parents should be encouraging their kids, supporting them and ensuring that if things are going wrong the child knows that their parent is there for them to talk to [Read more]

What Does Life Do For an Encore?

As a human being do our eyes behold what few have ever seen or have we hardly seen anything at all? Do we see life as it should be or as it might be? Are we a large gathering of copyists? Are we complete outsiders to the position of being human? Are we here to trust in our instincts, instinctively care for the Earth or are we here to slip into the effects of our mind and cobble the body of the dreamer back together? Perhaps we are here to pass our accomplishments on to some other world where failure is later accepted.

Does life reveal passwords of truth hidden in crumpled up papers stuffed in cardboard boxes only to star in tomorrow's trash bundles? Are the secrets of life standing awkwardly over us or do they fly past us as memorable experiences that scant our mind two or three days and then are forgotten? Is the mystery of life shot off in emails, dropped off in manila folders, diagrammed stiffly on tables or is the mystery of life given to us as history in walls torn down as timely symbols?

One day filled with covered wagons and the next day jotting jazz on a map of trumpeting icons life remains under the microscope of reality's researching eyes. Camera-shy about gravity and cautious of schemers life presents a world premiere of utopian visions in real world consequences. A fearless dedication to dance with its visions life is a space of readable presentation where we are never quite sure just what is proven fact and if human beings are artists judging on fact or if human beings have in fact turned life into a laboratory realm for judging souls [Read more]