Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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Men’s World: A Woman’s Place is in the Home

Mum would be up at 6.30 ready to see my dad off to work and then look after four growing boys. By the time evening came around after shopping, cooking, cleaning, ironing and tending our needs my mum and dad were both exhausted. In those days dad was the breadwinner and he had to work 12 hour days 7 days a week just to make ends meet, and mum was a fulltime do everything hurricane.

However the world is a rapidly changing place, everything is at lightning speed and if you don’t keep up you get left behind. This affects us all men and women alike. However I see a huge hole in the workplace that can easily be, and should be filled by more women. What is this hole and why are women possibly better suited to this opportunity than their male counterparts.

It’s the internet and internet marketing. The opportunities are huge, and women from all walks of life can do this and become extremely successful. Some are so successful that they are giving their husbands early retirement and recruiting them into their home businesses. I know of some very young work at home mums who are earning ten times their husband’s salaries. Some in excess of $30,000.00. Per month [Read more]

Forever Young: Truth About Most Anti Aging Skin Care Products

Ingredients to AvoidPurified water is often the primary ingredient in anti aging skin care products and cosmetics of all types. It’s fine, but it doesn’t “do” anything for you. Alcohols of various types are usually listed. Ethanol, ethyl, methanol, benzyl and isopropyl are all forms of alcohol and they are all drying.

The collagen fiber that many companies list as an ingredient in their anti aging skin care product line is derived from cow skin and is ineffective. We all have collagen and elastin in our skin. As we age, we lose collagen due to the sun, the wind and other environmental factors. Cow collagen can not replace what we have lost. It works in injections in sort of the same way that you would blow up a balloon. It does not work in creams.

Parabens are preservatives that a company may still use in anti aging skin care product, even though they have been banned in several countries, because they are believed to drive cancer tumor growth [Read more]

Guru Tips: The Safe Travel Guide

If you ever get that distinct feeling that something is wrong, which often happens on vacation, that is your instinct giving you a warning that you should take notice of. If you are heading out on the town to discover new bars or taking photos at the local fish market, do you really need to carry your passport, traveler's checks, extra cash, credit cards and plane tickets? Just take what you need for the time you will be away and place anything that is valuable in the hotel safe. One easy thing to do to protect your money is not carry all of it around at once or leave it in just one location where a thief can steal everything you have quite easily.

A follow on to this tip is to carry two separate credit cards instead of two from a joint account as this adds an extra security measure should one be stolen; this travel safely tip means this way you are not without a credit card. For some time now, thieves have been perfecting the art of snatching handbags and cameras on straps over the shoulder; but by placing the strap over the head and laying it across the chest, this is much harder to do without cutting the strap. Some of the easiest crimes involve snatch thieves that may actually work in teams; they locate unsuspecting victims who have a bag on their shoulder for instance that can be easily grabbed by a passing cycle or scooter. There are many ways to scam tourists and you are vulnerable when you are on vacation so it is an easy task as these people are very good at what they do [Read more]

Use Your Mind to Get a Desirable Bodyshape

You see, most of us have our own mindsets developed from life experiences and although some of these mindsets served us well at some point in time, many of them are now obsolete and might even be damaging to you. If you think that I am being audaciously ridiculous by suggesting that, then let me ask you a few questions.

a) Do you believe that no matter how hard you try to lose weight, you just can't keep the weight off?

b) Do you believe that your body shape is determined by your genetic makeup and thus you can't do anything to change it?

c) Do you believe that you just do not have the discipline and commitment to get the body shape you want?

d) Do you believe that you are the skinny type and will never be able to gain weight?

If you say YES to any of these questions, then you know what? [Read more]

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