Monday, June 23, 2008

Modern Diets: Calorie Shifting

What is Calorie Shifting and Can it Benefit You?

Jenny Craig: Tends not to work in the long run, they don't teach the fundamental habits to keep the weight off after the diet program is over. Also, when you start the diet, you are required to purchase pre-packaged meals which can get very pricey.

The Atkins Diet: Promotes heart disease, stroke, and cancer? I don't know about you but I can live without those.

The South Beach Diet: The meal preparation is very complex and it takes a lot of time to prepare. Not for busy people, they don't want to be spending time preparing meal after meal after meal.

The diet Fatloss4idiots claims that it could make you lose 9lbs in 11day using the calorie shifting theory. Is this even possible? Well everybody is different some have lost 8 pounds in 11 days while others lose up to 12 pounds in 11 days. Regardless, those are still some INCREDIBLE results that I haven't seen with any other weight loss program [Read more]

How to Understand Wine Rating Systems

There are several wine rating systems in use that are quite popular. Below is a brief explanation of two popular systems: The Wine Advocate Rating System and The Connoisseurs Guide to California Wine. As you can see by the names of these rating systems that some systems rate only specific types of wine.

The Wine Advocate Rating System is written by Robert Parker and runs from 50 to 100. The ratings are based upon the color, appearance, aroma, bouquet, flavor and overall quality of the wine. Anything over 80 is considered very good and anything over 90 is considered excellent. You know better the cost of a bottle of wine and the wine's ratings [Read more]

Finding Balance Between Making Money And Being Happy

Train yourself to shed off problems at work the moment you leave your office. Use the time you spend traveling home to get rid of residual stress. By the time you enter your home, you should have all your work problems shelved inside a drawer that you can only pull open when you go back to the office.

Do the same thing about problems at home. Problems are better solved when you ponder them on appropriate settings. You should let your family and friends know that you find it easier to function if they’d wait for you to come home before telling you about your worries. Of course, emergencies are an exception.

Time is the most precious commodity of all because it’s something you simply can’t buy. When yesterday gives way to tomorrow, you can never get it back. You must therefore make full use of every moment of your time [Read more]

Power Camping Games to Play With Your Kids

Our hectic schedules are full of business meetings, junior league basketball games, and cleaning—spring or otherwise. A family camping trip can be the perfect getaway to help your family relax and bond. It can include traditional camping activities, such as hiking, bicycling, swimming, kayaking and fishing. But remember that your kids naturally have a “Are we there yet?” attention span, which has become shorter in today’s Information Age. Wherever you camp, including Berlin Ohio, you’ll want to keep your children engaged in activities that will make their camping a memorable experience.

You can center your camping trip around a place that becomes the main activity. This can include a national park, an amusement park, etc. When you return to your family camping tent at the campground, you can use other minor activities that will keep your little ones busy whenever they’re not sleeping [Read more]

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