Friday, June 13, 2008

Minimize Food Miles

Why Eat Seasonally?

The first major benefit is an important one in our environmentally conscious times. When we eat a food which isn't in season, it would normally have to be transported to us from a part of the world where it is. This brings up the subject of so-called 'food miles', which measure how far a food has to travel from where it's produced to where it's consumed.

For a variety of reasons - pollution, energy consumption etc - it's better to minimize food miles whenever we can. Seasonal food will generally be produced much nearer to the point of consumption, and so will have a lower impact on the environment than well traveled foods.

A related point is freshness: if food doesn't have to travel as far, it will be fresher when you come to eat it, and it's generally the case that the fresher a food, the better it tastes and the more health benefits it has. This is especially the case with fruits and vegetables, which are often picked well before they are ripe so that they can withstand the long journeys they have to make without going past their best. Unfortunately, this will normally reduce the eating qualities of the food.

With seasonal food usually being more locally produced, concentrating your spending power on buying it will help to keep your local economy ticking over, keeping money circulating within your community, which can only help make the place you live a more pleasant area to be in [Read more]

Breaking the Caffeine Addiction

Caffeine addiction is just as hard to break as any other addiction, if not more because you have it widely accessible and it is legal to have. Prices are cheap and it is around every corner whether it is in a machine, at a restaurant or inside a store. Enter a store and look straight down the aisles, you are sure to see an entire rack of nothing but chocolate candy, donuts and in the freezer side you’ll find soft drinks galore, chocolate shakes, teas, coffee and even chocolate milk. How easy is it just to walk away from all this? It isn’t.

Breaking the caffeine addiction is hard. Items such as a chocolate ├ęclair, candy bars or even chocolate ice cream seem innocent but these too fuel the caffeine addiction. Even something that says it is “Caffeine-free” contains a small amount of caffeine in it, which means you are still using it. Many prescribed medicines contain doses of caffeine in them, so if you are trying to quit you’ll need to let your doctor know ahead of time.

Why would one want to break away from caffeine? One big reason is their health, it is possible to get heart disease or even fibroids from drinking too much caffeine. Some people may try cutting back on sodas that contain lots of carbonation because they rot your teeth. Diabetics normally cut out soft drinks as well as candy and if they were already addicted to caffeine it is much harder to break. Some may do it all at once while others do it gradually depending on the degree of diabetes they have. Another is to lose weight, that’s right if you replace your daily soda with water you can actually lose weight [Read more]

The 10 Most Popular Amusement Parks in the USA

If you are on a holiday with your family and you wish to go to an amusement park for a day or two of fun and adventure, you can get a good idea of the best amusement parks in America by viewing the list below.

At number 1 is Disneyland, a world-famous amusement that has been wowing visitors of all ages for fifty years. Located in California, this amusement park presents eight colorful and delightful lands, each one offering adventure and nostalgia. Here, you can enjoy numerous rides and meet Disney’s most beloved characters such as Mickey and Goofy.

At number 2 is Universal Studios in Florida. This amusement park is perfect for movie buffs and fans of famous American celebrities. Here, you can visit the sets of classic and recently produced films. As an added bonus, you may even have the chance to you’re your favorite actors and actresses.

If you prefer to have fun in the water, you may choose to visit Florida’s Sea World at number 3. With around 200 acres, This is the world’s premier marine amusement park. In Sea World, you can find shows featuring the best aquatic creatures. It also offers water rides and a chance to interact with its marine animals [Read more]

Keeping a Tarantula As a Pet

Although the thought of having a pet tarantula would make some people's skin crawl, there are many people that love the thought of keeping one of these big spiders as a pet. If you are one of them, it is important for you to know how to properly care for a tarantula so you and your pet can both be happy. So, aren’t you thinking about keeping a big, hairy spider as a pet now?

The most important step you can take is to avoid an impulse purchase. Rather, research the type of tarantula you will be purchasing so you can learn about its temperament as well as its needs. You may be surprised to learn that tarantulas can have very different needs, so you need to make certain you know the proper temperature requirements, diet, and humidity levels for your pet tarantula. While some tarantulas are arboreal, which means they live in trees, others are ground dwelling. In order to keep your tarantula happy, therefore, you will need to create a habitat that meets is natural needs.

Now that you know more about your tarantula, it is time to pick out a container in which it can live. Critter Keepers make good choices, though you can use an aquarium as well. Either way, make sure the top is tightly sealed so your tarantula cannot get away. They are very adept at climbing glass walls, so don't think the smooth surface will prevent them from getting out. Also, while you do need to give your tarantula a little room to move about, you don't need to make the enclosure too large. In fact, if it is too big, your tarantula will have a difficult time finding its prey. A good rule of thumb is to make the width equal to about twice the tarantula's leg span and make it as long as about three times its leg span [Read more]

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