Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Colors That Can Reflect Your Mood

Life Rainbow: Seven Colours That Can Reflect Your Mood

Red is a stimulating and energizing colour. It also enhances self-assurance; what woman in a fiery red dress doesn't exude confidence. Red will produce an illusion of fantasy. It can promote opposition in others ( you have been warned) If you want to be attention-getting, feel powerful and dominate - wear red. The colour also symbolizes love. It is a hot and passionate color. Red is said to increase the appetite, so you may want to keep it out of the dining room unless you're having a dinner party. In the bedroom, red light helps sexual activity, and could lead to active nights.

Orange. This is also the colour of love. It is perhaps a little less serious and a little more fun. Wear it to lift your love life. Orange is a very high energy colour imparting boldness and distinction. Is about being different. Like red and yellow, orange is stimulating. It is an antidepressant and also stimulates the mind. Anyone with a desire to sharpen and add focus and purpose to their life can do with a little orange [Read more]

How Do You Know Your Child Isn't Dating Someone Who is Violent?

According to the Advocates for Youth website, “More than 20 percent of all adolescents report having experienced either psychological or physical violence from an intimate partner ...” Some young people, in violent relationships, have been diagnosed with a mental illness before they became involved with their new partner and in the past have had suicidal thoughts or eating disorders. Others are recovering addicts of drug or alcohol abuse and victims of sexual abuse. Some children involved in these types of relationships have unresolved feelings about their parent's separation or divorce while others are still grieving over someone’s death.

If your child seems to be involved with drinking, smoking, and/or fighting more than usual, chances are they are hiding from their problems. He or she may also begin or start back to thinking about committing suicide or stop taking prescribed medications. This all can be contributed to this new girlfriend or boyfriend’s negative influence over them [Read more]

How to Burn More Calories in Your Workout in 5 Steps

Step one. Please get out of the fancy machine and hit the free weights and cables. There are many things that these machines cannot offer. Although they are highly engineered and are of latest technologies, they still do not train your muscle on balanchaving and coordination. The movement path is fixed and all you have to do is push. But with free weights, you need to balance the weights, focus on coordination, and focus on the power and speed of individual arm and also the movement path. This will burn more calories. Not only that, the muscle is worked more intensely. This will require more calories from the body for muscle recovery.

Step two, add in lunges into other exercises. Most of the time, people think that lunges is used only to work the butt, quads and hamstrings. But not many people know that lunges can be integrated into other exercises to make the exercise more complex and intense. A good example is dumbbell shoulder press with lunge. This exercise works the shoulders, the triceps, the core and the entire lower body. Rather than just sitting down on the bench and pressing the weights upwards, why not add in the lunges [Read more]

Guru Tips: One Secret To Having A Great Career

Would you like to be more passionate about your job? Here's the key:Do more. Instead of being passive and going with the flow, be proactive. Do the little things at work that no one else is willing to do. Believe me. People will start to take notice - especially those in position of power.

Get more involved in those boring business meetings. Who says business meetings have to be boring? Why not spice things up with a joke of the day, or something else of a lighthearted variety. If you change your attitude and become more passionate, it will rub off and have a positive effect on others.

And you'll feel better about yourself, knowing that you are helping others feel better about themselves and their job. You will actually be an inspiration to people.

More importantly, when you develop passion, you'll get more done. You won't have to hide out in the bathroom, doing as little as possible, until it's time to go home. You won't have to waste time scheming about how to get out of an unpleasant assignment, because with your new attitude, there will be no such thing as an unpleasant assignment. Also, you won't be at work daydreaming about your upcoming vacation that's 6 months away [Read more]

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