Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What Your Body Thinks of You?

Do You Know What Your Body Thinks of You?

Healthy hair is a sign that you have strong, healthy kidneys. To ensure that you have strong, luxurious hair, take care of your kidneys by:

* Drinking lots of water.
* Avoiding salt.
* Cutting out nasty foods such as coffee, refined sugar, alcohol, dairy and fatty foods.
* Eating more onions, seaweed, salmon, beans and grains.

You can also improve the way your hair looks by increasing your intake of the protein keratin. Hair is largely made up of this protein, which is found in beans, seeds, grains, tofu sprouts and fish.Other hair-healthy vegetables, such as nori, hijiki and arame can be added to delicious soups, salads and casseroles. Many common vegetables, including onions, garlic, carrots and bell peppers, are a great source of silica – another of the main building blocks of hair [Read more]

8 Warning Signs of Financial Doom!

This is the electronic age. If your surprised that checks clear almost immediately, you shouldn't be. There is no significant "float" time any more. "Float" is term used to describe the period between the time a transaction is implemented, and when it clears your account. In the past it has been up to a few days. Now it is almost immediate. Sometimes no longer than close of business on the same day as the transaction.

If you are relying on float time, you're in danger. Banks love to slap heavy fees on bounced checks. Even if they pay the check, they charge you a significant amount for the service. Make sure you know what your balances are. Use MS Money or Quicken to actually balance your checkbook and keep it up to day at least every week. Your savings account has a zero balance. There is no money to access in the event of emergency (without going into debt by using a credit card). The old advice about 3 months income is great, but in many cases just not possible. That being said, you need some cushion to land on if something happens [Read more]

Foreclosing on Mental Health

According to an Associated Press - AOL Money and Finance Poll, more than a quarter of homeowners in the United States fear the loss of value in their homes over the next couple of years. Up until the housing crisis, the increased value of real estate had homeowners re-financing left, right and center; homeowners felt secure and cashed-up.Unfortunately, April's foreclosure filings show a more dismal reality since the housing boom; one in every five hundred and nineteen households received a foreclosure filing this year.

A surge of 65% since last year.Leading analysts warn that the crisis seems to be accelerating; sinking home values, rising foreclosures, an excess of homes for sale, and tighter lending rules, which disadvantage those trying to re-finance, and shut-out those trying to purchase. A survey by the American Psychologists' Association sites that half of the Americans they interviewed identified rent and mortgage costs as significantly high sources of stress [Read more]

Money Merge Accounts: Predators Among Us

We are a society buried in debt, that wants to get out of debt. Now the debt peddlers and predators are coming at us with something called an MMA or "Money Merge Account". They actually have the audacity to try to convince people that they can pay off their mortgage faster with a line of credit and some software.

Unfortunately, they are succeeding in convincing some people.Its like so many things. Too good to be true.Do something for me. Just a favor that will really help you more than me. Take your right hand, extend it out in front of you and look at your palm. Now, take that same hand and hit yourself in the head as hard as you can.

Do this repeatedly while chanting "I will not buy stupid stuff, I will not buy stupid stuff". Don't you feel better?What these accounts do is is use all of your extra income during the course of the month to pay down your mortgage. Let me explain a little better.

Lets examine a $200,000 mortgage at 6% annually. Lets assume you take home $5000 per month and have $4000 dollars per month in expenses - leaving you with $1000 at the end of the month after the bills are paid [Read more]

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