Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dad's Home Master Tips

DIY: Dad’s Irate Yelp?

Dads being dads, they like to at least give the impression that no job is too large for them to attempt themselves. Most working class families from the past 50 years will know the horrors of dad’s attempts to wallpaper a room when his wallpapering skills just about stretched to erecting the special table without losing a finger. The arrival of the cavalry in the shape of mum usually saved the day, even if upside-down bamboo prints were something that we had to learn to love.

And we’ve all heard the shocking stories of DIYers drilling straight into power cables and water pipes – often at the same time. And yet they continue, safe in the knowledge that the money they save can be put to better use, like upgrading the home insurance and buying a caravan. Kids growing up today might think that the huge DIY superstores have always been around, but they’re just another symbol of the rise of doing it yourself over the past few decades [Read more]

Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring? Get What You Pay For

Color can be manipulated in several ways. The diamond is shown under a colored light that offsets any yellowness in the stone or is shown against a black cloth backdrop instead of white. The setting of the stone can influence the perception of the color. A white gold or platinum setting contrasts with a yellowish diamond making the yellow cast more obvious, while a yellow gold setting doesn't make the yellow color as obvious. None of these methods are dishonest as long as the seller states the actual color grade.

However some dishonest sellers misstate the color grade intentionally or enhance it. Yellowish diamonds can be made to look whiter by touching the side of the diamond with indelible purple ink which neutralizes yellow. The diamond can also be painted to neutralize the yellow. The "paint" isn't at all obvious, can't be washed off and may take months of cleaning before it wears off.

Diamonds that are two carats don't look twice as big as a one carat stone. The increase in perceived size is only about 50%. A word of warning: Be leery when someone says a diamond spreads 1.5 carats. That doesn't mean it weighs 1.5 carats, just that it looks the same size as a 1.5 carat diamond when viewed from above. That can be achieved by cutting the diamond broader but shallower [Read more]

How to Love the Spouse You Hate

The process begins with you identifying why it would be beneficial to love the spouse you hate. You need to have a good reason why you would benefit from transforming your hate to love. The transformation process continues by asking you to write nice things about yourself. Why? Because if you don’t love yourself, it’s difficult for you to love others.

The divorce rate is sky high in many countries around the world. If only spouses who are considering divorce would go through the process I call “Loving the You Hate.” The process can work with anyone or anything – your job, your boss, even your mother-in-law, by transforming your hate to LOVE. It’s ridiculously simple and contains just 10 questions or steps. Now, let’s look at the process from the perspective of “how to love the spouse you hate.” [Read more]

The Truth and Myth About Morning Coffee

Drinking coffee whether in the morning or in any part of the day can be beneficial and also disadvantageous. There are myths about drinking coffee in the morning. It is said that it can making anyone who drinks coffee in the morning stay alert. There are also recent studies about drinking coffee like the statement that it can release anti-oxidants in the body and other more curative properties.

The so-called “eccentric exercise” is met when the skeletal muscles create a force once it is lengthened. An example of this is when the cup of coffee is lowered from the person’s mouth unto the table. Thus, the biceps brachia muscle acts eccentrically. This study can actually improve the life of persons who are experiencing skeletal muscle pain after they are engaged in an unaccustomed, eccentrically biased form of exercise [Read more]

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