Monday, May 26, 2008

The Art Of Forgiving

The Art Of Forgiving

I once had a neighbor who was always yelling about something. My garbage cans were too close to her driveway. People parked their cars in front of her house. The neighborhood dogs were digging in her garden. Understandably, she wasn't my favorite person. One afternoon, I heard an ambulance coming down the street. I looked out my window and saw it turn into her driveway.

The paramedics loaded the woman into the vehicle and, lights flashing, took off for the hospital. That day I found out my neighbor was a very sick woman; she had a serious liver disease, chronic back problems, and lived every day of her life in constant and excruciating pain. My anger at her disappeared instantly. When she came back from the hospital until she died a year and a half later, I not only felt differently toward her, I found myself doing anything I could to help her [Read more]

Getting And Keeping The Attention Of Beautiful Women

You raised your voice (a little) and dropped in another question, but she only replies you a single word. This is when you will have to realize that you are in the danger zone. Danger of losing the attention of the beautiful woman that is! Well, if you want to be an effective seducer, then you will definitely need to know some of the tips to getting and keeping the attention of beautiful women. They will do you good, someday somehow.

So when you are in this kind of situation, what do you do exactly? There is no way you are going to let the beautiful one flutter off into the arms of another man. So learn to be quick and seize this opportunity [Read more]

Goal Setting? Too Boring...

Here take this blank sheet of paper. Now draw two lines down the page and split it into three sections by drawing a line across the page near the top. In the furthest left section at the top write “Objective”. In the middle section write “Method”. Finally in the furthest right section write “Date”.

Yawn… are you as bored as I am?Well while we’re into this lets have a little fun. Let’s fill up the whole sheet with some things we could be doing instead of this. I mean really we have other things to do that are far more exciting than this right? [Read more]

How Does America Really Feel About Black Celebrities

High profile athletes have the ability to bring all colors and creeds together in unity at any professional sporting event across the world. For those few hours that we are at a stadium or arena, we seem to forget about our differences and problems because of the exploits of some superbly talented athlete.

After earning an excessive amount of money, many Black superstars have the false notion that have crossed over and are above the struggles of ordinary African Americans.In Spike Lee’s controversial film Do the Right Thing, bigoted pizzeria employees implied that icons such as Eddie Murphy and Michael Jordan were beyond being Black because of their success. They argued that their prejudice toward African Americans did not include their Black heroes because they had risen above regular Black folk [Read more]

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