Tuesday, May 20, 2008

People Driving You Nuts

Why Some People Drive You Nuts

On our planet a very large percentage of people exhibit characteristics of being tough, highly independent, stubborn, impossible to please, restless, perfectionists, etc., and they continue to lead their entire life like that. And everyone would have definitely experienced or heard true stories of such people who drive others nuts through their irrational behaviors.

The traditional methods of interaction that works for normal or sweet people just don’t work for them. So how do you deal with such tough people? The simple answer is you cannot in most of the cases. Nor can you fully blame the other person for acting irrational, as there is usually a specific scientific reason for such behavior. And that reason is biological in nature as man is not a uniformly programmed species like animals and birds. As you would have observed animals and birds of a species behave in exactly the same manner [Read more]

Perfect Gift For A New Mother

When the new mother arrives home, it is nice to have someone to help for the first few weeks, especially if she has no close family living nearby. The new father may be home also, but may not be capable of taking care of everything. Offering to prepare home-cooked meals and to clean the house is an ideal gift and will help to keep the mother from getting too overwhelmed as a new parent.

Having someone to care for the baby while she can get some well deserved rest would be greatly appreciated also. You can offer to babysit as well as running any necessary errands. The less the new mother has to do the faster she will recuperate form the effects of childbirth.
Many people purchase items for the new family, but the gesture of giving your time freely so that they can enjoy some spare time without the baby can be the greatest gift of all [Read more]

What To Do If He Suddenly Withdraws

The moment you started to feel "safe" and things became stable, he out of a sudden withdrew. From one moment to the next he became unavailable, found excuses not to see you or even worse, stopped contacting you at all. You were totally shocked and disappointed.What on earth had happened? The answer is: Nothing. Yes, you understand correctly.

What you have to know about guys is that they - in contrast to us - have what I call an "automated withdraw-mechanism", that gets triggered whenever he experiences sudden intense emotional closeness to a woman. Even if he enjoys being together with you as much as you do, his masculine instincts tell him there is danger and he has to defend his freedom. Consequently, he starts pulling away. So how should you react when that happens? [Read more]

Manic Depression: What Are The Symptoms?

Manic depression can affect both men and women. There is no specific age at which this disease usually starts. However, experts believe that the onset of this disease takes place in late adolescence. Manic Depression is not something to be taken lightly. It is a serious disorder and needs serious professional and personal care.

This disorder can be found among people irrespective of their age, race, social classes and ethnic groups. Medical experts feel that this disease has a genetic link and even tends to run in the families. The disease does not only affect the patient but also the person who attends to him or her. The immediate family circle is known to suffer a lot [Read more]

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