Monday, May 12, 2008

6 Fat Melting Habits

How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat For Good In 21 Days With These 6 Fat Melting Habits

Men on the other hand don't want to admit that they want to have the coveted six pack abs. However, every time a cute girl walks by, just watch how they suck in that gut trying to hide the fact that they have a few extra pounds of belly fat themselves..

Doesn't it just drive you nuts to constantly work doing crunches just to get that flat tummy, only to fail miserably. We are bombarded with temptations that we give into and then before our very eyes the belly fat takes on another pound.

We all want to get rid of excess belly fat especially when summer is around the corner however it's not enough to just want to lose it, you have to actually do something to lose it. Dieting is not the way to do it because diets do not work. You get tired of the restrictions placed on you by diets so you end up going back to the way you were eating and the same bad habits and generally put on more weight than you lost. Like a yoyo, constantly going up and down. Well it's time to break that bad habit for good.

We allow habits to control our lives. Smoking, nail biting, cracking our knuckles, overeating or even eating the wrong foods are all habits we have learned. Well here you can learn a good habit and lose stubborn belly fat for good in 21 days with these 6 fat melting habits [read more]

How To Attract Beautiful Women

When you think of "beautiful women" , pictures like Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman and other glamorous stars that are dripping with glamor just whiz past you and leave you gagging. Some would think that beautiful women are simply out of reach and they are just sexy goddess that we can dream of time and again.

Maybe you think that you do not have the looks, but hey, not every "good looking" guy gets what he wants all the time. Stop thinking that beautiful women only go head over heels for guys with good looks. Learn how to attract beautiful women, as these girls aren't very hard to get, if you have the right kind of techniques of course.

The key to impressing girls is having the aura of confidence that comes so naturally from you. These are the kind of men that tend to attract more women as compared to average or mediocre guys that are passive in their mindset. As such, when you are approaching a beautiful woman, it is vital to be let your confidence apparent [read more]

How To Meet Real Men

It’s partly society’s fault – after all, we were brought up to know better than talk to strangers. That’s why so many women would much rather stick to what’s familiar, even if it means relegating themselves to a very small circle of friends. And with so few men to choose from in that tiny network, it’s no surprise why they think it’s next to impossible to find “real” men anymore. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to meet new men, here are a few tips to help get you started.

Stop making excuses. While it’s true that everybody gets nervous now and then, it’s no excuse to shy away from initiating a conversation with a guy you’re attracted to. Neither is it an excuse to say that it’s the men’s “job” to make the first move. Put bluntly, men are actually just as scared as you are when it comes to establishing a connection with someone new. Some are even just plain terrified. Either way, making excuses for not establishing a connection deprives many, many individuals of happy, long-lasting relationships in society today [read more]

Fighting Debt With Extreme Savings

If your job is in jeopardy, your debts are high and getting higher, and you don't have an emergency fund - enough to cover at least 3 months' expenses - it's definitely time to consider extreme savings. Extreme savings involve more than just smart shopping. You need to do more than skip manicures. You need to cut your monthly expenses down to the bone. Achieving extreme savings may be painful, but remember: it's a way to gain some control over your finances. And you won't have to do it forever.

Think about what your absolute essentials are: food, shelter, medical expenses, health and other insurance premiums, electricity, heat, phone, transportation. Extreme savings call for extreme measures. Add up what the bare essentials cost you each month, plus payments for credit cards and other debt. Cut out everything else [read more]

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