Sunday, May 11, 2008

Preventive Medicine

Ayurveda: Preventive Medicine

There are many ways to enhance the immune system along with our natural ability to heal and help each other. 'Cleansing' auras or meridians of 'Chhi' or pranha, positive visualization and what is sometimes deemed holistic have been available for longer than books or politicians were practicing their questionable arts.

Ayurveda includes the use of herbs and plants combined with psychic arts of a healing nature. The proper practitioner includes psychology as part of the diagnosis and getting the patient to use their own mental or soulful energy. It comes from very ancient shamanism and has many names for its practice. This art is called ayurveda in India, and it has Taoist and Yogic corollaries.

The ancient priests and shamans who were corruptible became even more so as this knowledge grew. The Inca’s 'magic' and healing may have been one of the best balances of knowledge and compassion ever exercised on behalf of every citizen. When I lived in Vegas I grew Aloe Vera, and its Vitamin E may be part of why it works to heal so many things. Comfrey tea is something my brother took to help a broken leg that wasn't healing in the traditional medical approach [Read more]

Do Spells And Witchcraft Exist?

Does the type of witchcraft and spell craft, which appears in the movies, really exist? Witchcraft is nothing more than the learning and practice of this particular type of prayer. Both of these things exist, they work hand in hand and while these things have been associated with dark and evil images, it is not necessarily the way it is.

Witch and spell craft is usually associated with certain types of religious practices. This is because often in time these spells invoke the name of a particular divine being to oversee the caster and the event or individual that the spell is intended for.

There are two main types of spells and witchcraft. These are generally referred to as White and Black. This is a simplified way of expressing the intention behind the spell. The words can be exactly the same; it is the intent behind the spell that makes it good or bad. Spells are like prayers. Candles are lit, incense is burned, stones are used all of which are designed to attract the attention of the intended action; words are written carefully in order to do the same. Everything in the universe is made of energy spells which are nothing more than ways of attracting a particular type of energy to the caster in order to obtain a particular result [Read more]

Make Your Relationships Stronger In The Midst Of Conflict

In the workplace as with all types of relationships, conflict can be either a positive “power driver” or counterproductive. Left unresolved, conflicts can sabotage the best of working environments and/or relationships. Conflict must be dealt with head-on, particularly when it is interfering with people working together as a team--whether at work or as partners, friends or any other type of relationship.

Conflicts run the gamete from minor to major. Anytime it interferes, whatever the conflict, it needs to be resolved. Confrontation is the only way. The trick, however, is to do it in a way in which the conversation stays productive and the relationship(s) remain intact. The skills needed to resolve a major conflict are the same skills needed to resolve a minor conflict. Let’s first take a look at the widely accepted five causes of conflict and their definitions [Read more]

Fat Burning Foods: Kick Your Metabolism Into Overdrive!

Fat burning foods that burn more calories during digestion then they contain are generally high in two things, fiber and water. Celery is a good example. Fat burning foods, or negative calorie foods, are supposed to be so low in calories that digesting these foods burn more calories than they contain.

Fat burning foods are readily available and will definitely fit into your budget as well. Fat burning foods not only helps us to lose weight naturally but also increase our body rate of weight loss. So include these foods in your daily diet helps speed up weight loss, build a healthier body and put you on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

Plus eating every 2-3 hours is the basis of a good fat burning diet because it helps keep your metabolism burning your fat stores and also you do not have to concentrate on the food you're taking in. Lack of activity combined with lack of attention to diet causes your body then ignores fat stores and works on what you are eating, packing the rest of the excess calories away for a rainy day since it feels you are not eating frequently enough [Read more]

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