Monday, May 19, 2008

Keep the fire burning - that's all that matters

Keep The Fire Burning

Billionaire Richard Branson, the entrepreneur behind the Virgin brand, is one of the world's most successful and adventurous businessmen. Not being satisfied to run several highly profitable businesses Branson also engages in occasional feats of courage, or stupidity, depending on your stand point.

Branson had called a meeting a few hours before he and his co-pilot were due to embark on an attempt to fly from Japan to America across the Pacific non-stop in a hot air balloon. The attempt would be fraught with countless difficulties, challenges and life-threatening risks.

After an intense 3-hours' briefing, covering everything that could go wrong, on this, one of the most complex and risky aviation record attempts in history, Richard Branson came away having written just eight words into his notepad;” Keep the fire burning - that's all that matters.” [Read more]

The Middle Child

The middle child may feel as if he has to struggle just to get noticed. Growing up as a middle child can make the youngster feel like they go unnoticed by his parents. The oldest children are held in high esteem due to their accomplishments while the youngest are coddled and babied. Parents tend to expect more from their youngest and oldest children as it may be difficult for them to define their expectations for the middle child. In most cases, parents may have taken pictures and documented every “first” that their oldest child did and may have lightened up these efforts in relationship to the second child. While the parents may have done this as a result of being more relaxed about their second experience at parenthood, a middle child may view this as solid proof that they mean less to their parents than their older sibling.

The middle child may also constantly compare themselves to the other siblings, especially the older ones. He may seek interests in different areas that will allow them to stand apart from their elder. This attention-seeking attitude also tends to make the middle children the “risk-takers,” often participating in dangerous sports or choosing careers that have an element of danger and/or risks involved [Read more]

Are We Building Superman?

I believe that's exactly where we are heading. As we continue to advance the big four technologies — genetics, artificial intelligence, robotics and nanotechnology — we will create a new version of humanity that will have as little in common with us as we have with Cro-Magnon man. The next three to five decades will place humanity firmly on the path to this new reality.

I don't mean to sound gloomy, because the destination will be pretty damn good for the most part. It's the transition that concerns me; technological evolution will proceed so rapidly that many will fall by the wayside. Underdeveloped countries may fall far behind, lost forever. Even in technology-rich North America, pockets of people may lose their way. Don't let it happen to you [Read more]

7 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight And 7 Secret Fixes

Many people see weight loss as being “for the wedding,” “for summer in my bikini” or “for my high-school reunion.” But weight loss is for keeps, so train yourself in habits that last a lifetime. When you figure the changes you’re making are for the long term, you’ll make better, more realistic, decisions. Like not banishing everything sweet from your taste buds.

Most of us don’t have the facts on foods. Calories, fat content, portion sizes. And those who have been on many diets begin to merge them together. That could actually cause weight gain. Example: If you ignore calories and use the Atkins diet strictly, that may work, at least in the induction phase. But if you eat the high-calorie proteins and fats Atkins allows and also snack on carbs, you’ll gain weight. Get clear on the path you’re following and keep a log until you’re absolutely sure you don’t need one [Read more]

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