Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Value Relationships

Discovering Pleasure, Ecstasy And Value For Value Relationships

Most believe that selfish and giving are mutually exclusive things. How wrong they are. This is another illusion that has resulted in much misery and unhappiness. Giving and receiving pleasure is both selfish and generous. Give the best that you have--and receive as pleasurably and as graciously as possible.

A perfect example of the above is a sexual relationship between two lovers. I know from my own relationship that the more pleasure I give to my woman the more pleasure I experience.

You can draw the conclusion that if one person is sacrificing and the other is benefiting--it is not a value for value relationship. In the end the relationship will break down and both individuals will suffer the loss [read more]

The Quiz Of Relationship

The questions are designed to assess the likelihood of your relationship being a success in the long term. Take the results seriously, but realize that no quiz can take into account everything that may important to you. Please do not feel completely discouraged if you don't score well. Instead, use what you learn from the questions, and let the results motivate you to identify patterns of negativity and areas needing improvement.

Please answer the following questions using the 3-point scale provided. Answer according to how often the experience occurs in your relationship to either you or your partner. For more honest results, take the test alone before comparing results [read more]

Time To Be Alone

Alone time is important for anyone, of any age and any walk of life. Spending some time in solitude can be a valuable opportunity to take stock of one’s life, to reevaluate one’s priorities, and look at things from a broader perspective. Funny how “alone time” is often used as a punishment for rambunctious children, when, for adults, it’s often viewed as a real reward! Remember how we all hated nap time as children? Now we’d give anything for a nap during work! As we mature, alone time becomes a crucial element of our lives.

At the same time, human beings are social creatures. This is a fact of our genetic programming. Anyone who spends too much time alone, or who is downright frightened by the idea of venturing out into society, or who fails to establish any meaningful human contact, might have cause for concern. Ironically, too much solitude can produce the same levels of stress as too much social interaction. Obviously, moderation is called for here—a healthy balance between one’s social life and private life. No one wants to feel lonely, and if we have too much alone time, feelings of isolation can take over. These feelings can produce chemical imbalances in the body that are actually physically unhealthy. This can disrupt sleep and even lead to heart trouble [read more]

An Effective Way To Combat Dark Circles

There are loads of reasons as to why dark circles develop under the eyes that takes the natural radiance from the beautiful eyes. The most common factors are process of natural ageing, lack of adequate sleep and heredity.

There are other factors that attribute to the formation of these dark circles under the eyes. These unwanted circles point towards improper functioning of kidney or liver. On the other hand, people who suffer from sinus problem are likely to develop these loathed circles. Also, people who have the history of problems like asthma, eczema, or hay fever get these dark circles developed on the contours of eyes. Dark circles become a common phenomenon due to the process of ageing too. The chief culprit responsible for occurrence of these highly unwanted circles is the delicate vein under the skin of eyes. The under eye skin gets easily damaged due to which it is always the foremost to show.

The process of ageing as well the harmful rays of sun make the delicate skin translucent and thin, which allows the veins look prominent. These veins give the glaring dark circles under the eyes. As the elasticity of skin keeps on reducing with the age, skin even begins to look puffed and baggy. Lack of adequate sleep is another eminent factor that leads to dark circles but once you begin to take sleep normal course of 6-8 hours sleep, they vanish like anything [read more]

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