Monday, May 5, 2008

Do You Wonder Where Your Day Went?

Time is a very personal thing. It is man-made. Actually it doesn’t exist. Time takes on different characters: it can be long, short, boring, stressful, valuable, the best time in my life, horrible, the good old times… you get the idea? If time is man-made I can influence the way I’m experiencing it.

Have you noticed that time tends to rush much faster when you have lots of things to do? In order to manage time effectively you have to be in control. This is not something you can figure out over night, it is a process which can take some time to accomplish.

My personal experience is that "getting things done" and the right time management gives you results rather than lots of unfinished tasks without the feeling of satisfaction. Will power is another important ingredient that helps you to focus on just the item you have decided to work on.

Save Your Relationship With Nothing But Words

Once the relationship gets past that early stage though, when the relationship becomes serious and a permanent fixture in your life, it's *then* that the power of words can be seen, and they undoubtedly have the power to make or break the relationship.

It's important to keep saying the nice things you like about your spouse. During the early stage you will have said those nice things over and over, but his/her own feeling of elation meant that you could have been reading out the phone book and it would have felt the same!

If you tell your spouse what you like best about him or her after the relationship has settled in, it's much more likely to sink in. Thinking that your spouse knows how you feel is a mistake. Although he/she probably *does* know, there is nothing like actually hearing it to boost someone's esteem. Positive re enforcement is a powerful mechanism! When you're in a relationship it's easy to stop noticing the good things and get overwhelmed by the negatives. Make a conscious effort to note the good things you like about your partner or things they do.

Eliminate The Myths And Create Wealth Through Cash Gifting

Have you ever thought to ask a renowned professor what he or she made in salary? Most are highly educated, but not all that wealthy. Formal education does not equate to wealth or performance in anything that you do. A strong vision and direction with a conversion of knowledge will lead to desired wealth.

Sounds a bit like an excuse, doesn't it? Business empires that are worth billions of dollars today have been started in a basement or the garage out back. Don't get me wrong… Some "seed money" can be helpful, but desire and effort will go a long way toward success.

There's an old saying; the more I learn, the more I see that I still need to learn more. Take action today… don't wait for tomorrow, it may never come. Opportunity passes us by every day. You need to first see the opportunity and then seize it and make it your captive.

Saving A Passionless Relationship

You’ve probably been in a passionless relationship before, and you might even be in one right now. A passionless relationship is obvious when you don’t feel the same “butterflies” when you first started going out with him. He seems to talk with you less openly, touch you less frequently, and initiate sex barely once in a blue moon. It’s almost as though he prefers to be on his own most of the time.

Naturally, you don’t want this to happen. You can save a passionless relationship by simply to stop doing what isn’t working. If nagging or arguing only makes things worse, then stop doing so and focus your efforts on doing things that do elicit genuine reactions from him.

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