Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wedding Superstitions

Common Wedding Day Superstitions

Everything the bride says while opening presents will come back to her on her wedding night. It could be good to be careful with this one . . . you never know! Having the same phrases repeated on the wedding night could be a good or bad thing, depending.

For good luck, the first gift opened should be the first gift used. There are a few superstitions surrounding the gifts given at a bridal shower, such as the giver of the third present opened will have a baby.The whole wedding outfit must not be tried on until the actual day of the wedding. This common superstition is due to the fact that it was thought to bring bad luck on the bride. If she put on all her wedding garb before the wedding . . . she might not be married after all!Green, yellow, pink and red wedding dresses are considered bad form. According to an old marriage rhyme, these four colors of wedding dresses would bring assorted miseries on the married couple`s life and they wouldn`t be happy [Read more]

You Are Not on Your Own, Universe Assists You

Your mission will take more than one day to conclude, even more than one year. It is your life work, steadily unfolding as you progress on your path. It’s quite normal that you are in need of assistance on this journey. This can be received from friends, family members, professional counselors, training courses, education programs, effective aid, contacts, books, …You are not supposed to complete your mission entirely on your own. Your mission is connected to the mission of the people around you. Each of them also has their mission, and part of it may well be to assist you! Ask for help, and don’t carry the false belief that you need to do this on your own.

Do not let this happen. Remember that you are a social being living in a social context, able to help others and receive help from others. Everybody else is here with a specific purpose. Part of that purpose it to help you! Without other people receiving your help, your mission would be meaningless. In the same way, your needs give meaning to the mission of others. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance when you need it! [Read more]

Mom's Guide to Saving Time

Make a plan and write it down. Make it a habit to write a daily list of things to do and things you need. Life gets so busy sometimes especially if you have kids. It is going to be helpful to have those lists handy. You can easily save an extra trip to the store if you have a list of things to buy. You can also figure out how you can run all your errands so that you do not have to drive back and forth. Try to shop in the evenings when stores are less busy. There is no need to waste an hour standing in line when you can do something more productive with that time. Don't care to stand in line? Try shopping online.

Plan your meals. You can use a blank monthly or weekly calendar to list down your meals for the upcoming week. Once you have the meals figured out, it will be easier to come up with a shopping list based on the meals. Keep your planned meals posted on the refrigerator door so you know what needs to be prepared. Even if it is tempting to sway off the planned meals, do your best to stick to it - you can save lots of money this way and keep with in your budget [Read more]

How Safe Are Teeth Whitening Gels?

The dilemma that people face is the perceived added safety of having a procedure carried out professionally by a dentist, against the possible major cost saving of a home treatment. Will the home teeth whitening product be as effective and will it be safe to use? Is it easy to follow the instructions and if you do, are there any possible side effects? What are the arguments?

In order to provide a safe product for home use, especially in over the counter products, the teeth gel supplied is of a lower concentration than you would get in a professional treatment. So one question that people ask is, with less of the active ingredients, can they produce worthwhile results? But there is also a kind of conspiracy theory, questions this.Do unscrupulous manufacturers add more of the bleaching agent than they admit to, so that their product will work? It is even suggested that abrasive materials are added that can be potentially damaging to tooth enamel. I think that both of these theories can be discounted. As long as you stick to properly licensed products you should be safe. The penalties for such practices, from major fines and lawsuits, to withdrawal of the product license, would be too costly to contemplate [Read more]

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