Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gold Investors Should Relax

Why Gold Investors Should Relax

The recent 25% correction in the price of gold per ounce has a lot of bullion investors wondering if the bull market in gold is over. I'm going to provide you with a little bit of historical gold trivia that I hope will reassure you that the fundamental reasons for owning gold bullion, as a safe-haven investment, are still valid . . .

If the gold bull market were over, we would have:
1. Low inflation
2. Healthy banks
3. Stable housing prices
4. A new, major oil discovery
5. Increasing job creation
6. A falling unemployment rate
7. A fiscally responsible government
8. A strong dollar due to a balanced budget and a shrinking deficit

I don't see any of the above happening anytime soon. Do you? [Read more]

Do You Live Your Life As an Amateur?

An amateur never figures out what his/her life goals are. An amateur never takes time to discover their values, much less to embody and live them. An amateur never makes their goals into the #1 priority focusing on them daily and putting them first. An amateur never assesses or addresses their "weaknesses". If you think of like as a game, do you play like an amateur or like a pro? Here are some ideas to get out of amateur league living.

Decide that you are going to live like a pro and go for what you really want. This means a commitment to excellence, to doing your best, to give up second rate performance. Pros are almost always clear on their goals. When they start, they may not know the whole process necessary for success, but they start the work anyway, knowing they will learn along the way. Taking the time to make goals, assess progress regularly, and alter the plan as you go is the sign of a pro.

A pro considers their deepest values when they make their goals. If you're going to devote a major part of your time to something, doesn't it make sense that it is in alignment with and supports your values? [Read more]

What is the Difference Between Yoga and Qigong?

Yoga has its origins in ancient India and has been in practice for centuries. Yoga essentially means “to sum up” or “to combine”. To put it in simpler words it implies to connect oneself with the inner soul. When one does so, inner peace is achieved. This health exercise is beneficial for nearly everyone irrespective of the age.

People who practice yoga sit or stand in a position as told by the person who guides them while on the other hand some people do it on their own with the help of books and other resources. Meditation, slow rhythm, and positive thinking are the basic building blocks of this therapy. Any human being irrespective of health status can enjoy the benefits of the yoga. In modern days Yoga has caught the fancy of many and has even found acceptance amongst celebrities.

Samurai warriors and fighters who took part in swordfight in feudal china often needed something to calm their unfazed mind. In their quest to find a solution they stumbled upon the fact that the body of human is the store house of energy. They explored various dimensions in which humans can direct their energy and unleash it. This technique primarily stressed on the rhythm of breathing pattern. Further on, this technique was refined and remodeled after various qigong masters. People who follow this therapy are guided to swing their body slowly and gently as if they are in a slow motion dance. Qigong masters believe that energy moves in our body and if we could tap it then health and strong body can be achieved [Read more]

5 Things Debt Settlement Companies Are Not Telling You

Credit card debt relief is a burgeoning business and credit card debt relief companies are throwing a lifeline for those battling with insurmountable credit card debts. You may do your own credit card debt settlement if you have the time and energy to do all the planning and the credit card debt negotiation. If not, get a professional to do the grunt work.

Getting professional help from a credit card debt relief company may cost, but you no longer have to worry about haggling and negotiating with credit card companies. A credit card debt settlement expert does the job effectively since their company has a working relationship with credit card companies and has insider information on the industry's trade secrets.

But before you eagerly knock on the doors of credit card debt relief companies, know what you are putting up with because not all credit card debt settlement companies are going to reveal their dirty secrets. Here are the shocking truths [Read more]

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