Sunday, September 28, 2008

The "Toilet Stoppages" Of Life

The "Toilet Stoppages" Of Life

There are times in life when you're making great progress on your goals, gaining momentum, developing direction and suddenly find a major blockage. There's nothing you can do but deal with it. No amount of complaining, crying, protesting, whining or ignoring the blockage will change the fact. You must stop what you are doing and deal with it. You could try ignoring it. You could pretend it's not blocked and keep using it. You could even leave it for someone else to fix...and live with the stink. If you want to solve the problem and get right back to making progress, you will have to take the actions that get your life unblocked.

Whatever you do, don't ignore the problem. It is likely that doing so will only lead to a nasty mess on the floor, or a big stinking unresolved problem to be dealt with later. Make sure that you handle the problem as quickly as possible. Every life has unexpected "toilet stoppages" in it. Don't let it be an excuse to stop making progress. Don't choose to ignore it and end up with a stinking mess or overflowing sewage. Just deal with it! [Read more]

Why Ghosts Stay Around After Their Death, And 5 Ways You Can Avoid Making the Same Mistake

Several things happen once you leave your body. First, very few people - other than a few psychics - can see, hear or interact with you. So your existence becomes very, very lonely. Second, after you die you can hear others' thoughts and feel their feelings. This might be entertaining in the short term, but in the long term it's demoralizing. (Think about the amount of greed, hatred and suffering in the world.) And third, your life is over at this point. There's nothing left for you to do here and your life becomes empty and depressing, which is crazy-making.

Ghosts don't consciously choose this miserable life, no more than the living consciously choose to live tragic and depressed lives. But, like the living, they end up in this sad existence because they haven't faced the challenges and spiritual lessons of their lives. Here are 5 ways you can avoid making the same mistake with your life [Read more]

7 Hot Christmas Gifts For a Man Who Has it All

If he has everything, why not give him absolutely nothing as a Christmas gift! This gift of nothing comes in the shape of an empty wrapper labelled with the word 'Nothing' and a short description. Nothing happens once opened and nothing can be exchanged for it. Let's just hope he has a sense of humour!

His name and a message can both be printed on the bottle, making this Christmas gift both personal and unique. Note that this kind of gift derives its personality from the message on the bottle, because a simple bottle of champagne would be more suited for a friend rather than a partner as a Christmas gift. If he enjoys the finer things in life then this may just be the present for him. Should he be more of a wine drinker than one of the options in number 3 may be more suitable for him.

Such an experience can include a racing along a track in a super fast Ferrari or even flying a plane. He could be enjoying a scenic view from a helicopter ride or tasting a plethora of wines in a Vineyard with you by his side. For less adrenaline, a relaxing day at the spa is also an option. Intangible gifts like these avoid them from lying around and collecting dust. Despite being very atypical Christmas gifts, they are unforgettable activities that are bound to make his day [Read more]

Trying to Make a Cat Into a Dog

There's something seriously askew when we cannot accept the basic nature of others in our life. Here are some things to consider. Perhaps the issue is that you never noticed the basic nature of the cat. You've spent a lot of time with them, but somehow (perhaps because you wished it so) you convinced yourself that the cat was a dog.

There are those who delude themselves about the nature of things from the beginning. They prefer to live in fantasy rather than in reality. They end up with lots of knocks on the head (or heart) doing this, but somehow they just keep repeating the pattern. Some people accept others as they are at first, then later decide who they are is not adequate or acceptable. This can have a lot of can be a "rejection game" meant to allow them to feel superior. It can be a way to create distance. Perhaps they were desperate for attention and company at first, then wake up one day finding fault [Read more]

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