Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Don’t Feel Guilty if You Forget

Memory Improvement – Don’t Feel Guilty if You Forget

While you read this article, you recognized instantly and on the spot hundreds of different letter combinations that form words. How else could you possibly make it this far if you did not remember the meaning associated with each letter that makes up word?

Think of facts about your favorite sport or hobby? What else quickly comes to your mind? These thoughts probably came in the form of pictures to your mind. You are remembering.You remember the days of the weeks and the standard concepts of time. How is it that you don't forget these ideas? Easy. You live with them and apply these ideas on a daily basis. Memory improvement does not have to be so challenging.

You can remember an old high school buddy from 10 years ago, even if you saw him in the African Sahara because you associate certain characteristics with him.

However, you may pass the same stranger every day on your walk to work, recognize his face and never learn his name. Then one day you may come across him in a city far away and you begin to wonder just exactly where did you see him last. He looks familiar you will think to yourself [Read more]

How To Develop The Habit Of Saving

Now I am going to tell you something, which will probably surprise you - NEVER TOUCH THE MONEY! No, I am not crazy, but this is one of the peculiarities of life - it is no good saving the money for a rainy day or emergencies, because you will find that an emergency will crop up fairly regularly - you'll just never create wealth. Most people consider a birthday, Christmas, new car etc. as an emergency - your funds will never mount. If you have a specific goal towards which you are moving, you should set up a separate account - a new car savings account for example - BUT NEVER TOUCH YOUR WEALTH BANK!

But what if you are already living to the limit, up to your neck in debt with unpaid bills. With no spare cash how are you going to save 10% of your income? If this is the case, and I've been there myself, you have to start saving something maybe 1% of your income, or put your loose change in a jar and invest it in an interest account at the end of each month. Any time you receive a bonus - Christmas, birthday money etc., invest it once again. It doesn't matter how small the amount, once you start saving and it develops into habit, good things WILL begin to be attracted to your life [Read more]

Why Relationships Become Boring and How to Spice Them Up!

We slip into the Dead Zone when we are avoiding our emotions – when we have switched them off in the belief that they will hurt us or get us into trouble. In a relationship it is part of what Dr. Chuck Spezzano, founder of the Psychology of Vision, has termed Independence. When we are independent we have disconnected in our relationships and dissociated from our emotions in the belief that we can be happy and successful without relying on other people. In a romantic relationship this happens when there is something so horrible in our minds that we hide it away so nobody can see it.

The only problem is that these hidden feelings are still very much present in our subconscious mind and will create all sorts of problems for us. If you are in a relationship that seems dead and boring ask yourself what is it that is not being expressed in the relationship? What is it that you and your partner are afraid to talk about? There will be some secret, fear or piece of guilt that is shutting you both down.

Relationships can easily turn into inadvertent conspiracies where both partners unconsciously agree to avoid dealing with the problems that stand between them. This is often because either partner feels that to reveal their concerns, resentments or pain, will drive away their partner. There are some things we have not even shared with the people closest to us and it is these things that eventually create deadness in a relationship [Read more]

How to Bond With Your Children

If you want to see your younger child’s eyes light up, plop yourself down on the floor while he or she is playing. Young children live for the opportunity to include their parents in their games. While it is good for them to spend time playing independently, it is equally important for them to have a few minutes of time to just play. Young children need spend time playing in a way that does not impose rules on them. They need the freedom to create rules themselves. This type of play may be more challenging for parents as most of us have forgotten how to play, but give yourself time and opportunity, follow your child’s lead and you will catch on.

For tired parents of young children, a snuggle on the couch after the dinner with a favorite book will go a long way toward helping you reconnect with your little one at the end of the busy day. Think of this time as an investment in your children’s future [Read more]

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