Friday, September 12, 2008

Treats That Can Kill Pets

Treats That Can Kill Pets

While you may be aware of the adverse affects that these foods have on humans, you may not realize just how devastating they can be to your pets. In fact, in many cases, foods that are simply unhealthy for humans can be downright dangerous to pets. Here is a look at just a few of them.

Alcohol is potentially lethal to humans, and the same is true when it comes to pets. Since pets are smaller than humans, they are more easily affected by alcohol. As such, even consuming small amounts of alcohol can be quite dangerous to pets. So, you should never purposely provide your pet with alcoholic beverages and you should take certain steps to make certain your pet cannot get into your alcohol.

The artificial sweetener xylitol may help humans enjoy tasty treats without the potential negative side effects associated with eating sugar, but it can be quite dangerous for your pet to consume. Xylitol is found in many sugar-free products, including candy and gum. If a dog eats a significant amount of these products, it can experience a number of different reactions that can be quite severe [Read more]

Hey Creditors: Stop Harassing Me!

Unfortunately, because many people are made to feel guilty when they owe money, they think that a creditor has the legal right to hound them until they pay their bills. Fortunately, however, Congress has passed a number of federal laws, most important of them being the FDCPA (Fair Debt Credit Protection Act) which hold that regardless of the status of your delinquency, the amount of money you owe, or how overdue it may be, you do have certain rights. Primary among them is the right to not be harassed by a creditor.

As many collection agencies operate by attempting to scare or intimidate a person who owes money, you need to know that you are not required to enter into any agreements or discuss your financial situation with a collection agency representative who calls you on the telephone. These agreements are often unfair and place a debtor in a sever disadvantage, but many are too tired of receiving harassing phone calls, or to scared after they have been harassed for so long, and go ahead and sign these agreements anyway [Read more]

3 Tips on How to Get Her Phone Number

Some women are friendly, but they are hesitant to give their phone numbers. Most of them are just being careful and some claim that they want to avoid being labeled as "too-easy". But in reality, women consider the phone number exchange as a commitment rather than an act of friendliness. Read these 3 tips on how to get her phone number and your dating life would never be the same.

The first tip on how to get her phone number is to know when to ask for it. You don't really expect a girl to give her number seconds after introduction right? When you have known her for a long time (and we're talking minutes here, let us say, 30-45 minutes), then it is a good time to ask for her number. If you feel that the attraction is present, then it will boost up your chance of having her number. One of the hardest things on how to get her phone number is the idea of whether she's single or not. You must try to find out by asking her in a subtle manner [Read more]

Diet Without Exercise is a Recipe For Failure

Our bodies were created to live a rugged, active, lifestyle while eating moderate amounts of natural foods.Though we may not live a rugged lifestyle, we most assuredly live a hurried lifestyle. When it comes to developing a lean, fit, muscular body many people don't believe they have the time, motivation, or discipline to exercise on a regular basis. Many of these same people however will rationalize that they can lose the weight by way of dieting alone.

There are many diet programs that even make this part of their advertising campaign, telling you that you can lose the weight without any "streneous exercise." Many people will buy into this idea as a simple way to lose weight. Just buy their pre-packaged diet food, eat it, and you will lose the weight, right? [Read more]

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