Monday, September 8, 2008

Internet Highjacks Your Kids

Don't Let the Internet Highjack Your Kids

Would you consider letting your 13 or 14-year old daughter go to an unsupervised costume party to hang out with strangers? I'm talking about people you’ve never met, people of any age, people who are all wearing costumes, people who can pretend to be someone they aren't?

It is estimated that there are over 750,000 adults cruising these sites every day looking for vulnerable kids. When they find one who has self-esteem problems or strong needs for approval or a sense of belonging they start asking innocent questions such as, "Do you like this band? Can I help you with your homework?" Before long the questions turn to, "Do you want to go private?" Then they set out to meet this kids.

In a recent sting operation, agents were able to trace a child whose profile only gave information about her name, school, and the name of her soccer team. It only took the team 30 minutes to know where to find her. She thought she was being safe [Read more]

Practice Sex for Long Life

Sex improves the immune system of our body. Having sex twice or thrice in a week increases the amount of antibody called as Immunoglobulin A (IgA) in the body. Increase in the level of antibody IgA makes you resistant to the common cold and other seasonal infections like sneezing. It also helps to increase your resistance to typhoid.

Sex prevents Headache in women. Migraine headaches are observed more in women because of not making sexual intercourse. Because of the sexual arousal and intercourse the increase in the level of corticosteroids and endorphins is observed that prevents the migraine headaches in women. Same effect was observed in men also.

Sex keeps your weight under control by burning the unwanted calories. Performing sex for thirty minutes burns the same calories that you burn by doing one hour of workout. As the calories are burn your weight remains in control and you are safe from the diseases like obesity [Read more]

Can Erectile Dysfunction Excercises Help Me?

Many medical professionals believe that exercise is important in helping a man achieve and maintain an erection. Since an erection depends on unimpeded blood flow to reach its full potential, regular exercise can help keep arteries open and possibly contribute to better, longer-lasting erections. And when a man is in better physical shape, he also may have more stamina, an important factor in sexual performance whether he is using an ED drug or not. And a better, longer performance can have a positive impact on self-esteem and self-confidence.

As good an idea as exercise in general is, though, there are specialized exercises that some men believe can make a particular difference in helping with erectile dysfunction. These unique exercises can be done quickly and easily at home, and don’t require any equipment.

Men whose erectile dysfunction is the result of leaking veins may find help in special exercises known as Kegel exercises. These exercises are sometimes recommended to help women who live with urinary incontinence, and were originated to help control incontinence in women after childbirth. In Kegel exercises, the pelvic muscles that a man uses to stop urination in mid-flows are contracted and relaxed. By working on strengthening these muscles, it is believed that some men may eventually be able to achieve erections without using other means, such as ED drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra [Read more]

Ten Ways to Protect You and Your Home From Ghosts and Negative Energies

Smudge Your Home Every Week - Smudging is the process of burning sage and other herbs to purify the energy of a room, a building or even an individual. To properly smudge, open a window in the room you are clearing. Light the end of the smudge stick and begin to walk around the room, moving the smudge stick in the areas of the room that feel thick, negative or uncomfortable for you. As you smudge you want to hold the intention of clearing away all negative energies.

Burn Candles with an Intention - After you smudge you want to burn a few candles, and infuse each candle with an intention. For example, you might say as you light a candle, "I intend for my house to be filled with love and kindness." Burn black candles to dispel negativity and burn white candles to infuse purity and protection. This will raise the energy of any room. Candles and smudge sticks are available at my website, Their Way Home. Clean Out the Clutter - Everyone has a little bit of clutter in their busy homes, but too much clutter (particularly the kind that never goes away) creates a chaotic, stagnant vibration that can affect your ability to think clearly. Ghosts love chaos and stagnation because it reflects how they feel.

They feel right at home around it. Schedule a couple of days every so often to organize your home and office. And never, ever store boxes of 'stuff' under your bed. It will ruin your sleep and can potentially give you bad dreams. Put chunks of rose quartz under your bed instead. It will surround you with love and sweet dreams [Read more]

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