Thursday, September 18, 2008

Slow Death By A Thousand To Do’s

Slow Death By A Thousand To Do’s

Are you demoralized on an ongoing basis because the To Do list grows as fast on one end as it shrinks on the other end? Does it seem like your To Do list is a stack of items about two feet high, and consumes all your time? Do you wonder if there is any meaningful way to manage your To Do list and not be "run" by it?

Consider the "Rotating To Do List". The concept is that you always organize your To Do list with the highest priority items on top, and handle the most important items first. It’s called a rotating To Do list, because the most important things naturally rotate to the top of the list, and off the list when accomplished.

Unimportant items naturally rotate off the bottom of the list when you realize they do not need to be done. Items rotate up and down the list according to their importance.

Maintaining focus on accomplishing highest priority items first gives a great feeling of satisfaction and competence. It eliminates the negative feeling of being constantly bogged down in minutia. It helps us make progress on the things we consider most important. Doing that makes us feel like winners rather than losers to To Do trivia [Read more]

Fear Of Conflict Drives Us!

Can you recall a time when you did not say something you needed to say because you, "Didn’t want to fight"? This many be one of the most common human experiences. When people say or think "I don’t want to fight", what do they really mean? They probably mean that they had childhood experiences where they expressed their truth and it led to a dramatic scene of conflict. Now they connect telling their truth with unpleasantness. They also mean that they expect the other person to be unhappy with what they need to say. It’s likely that in the past they have lived with "anger addicts" whose explosive tempers created a fearful atmosphere.

They mean that they’ve not been able to separate those childhood scenes from present day. They also mean that the fear has become so entrenched that they don’t even want to attempt communicating their truth. Probably they don’t think they have the right to express their truth. Lastly, they mean that they don’t have the skills to express themselves, and don’t know how to learn them [Read more]

Improve Your Brain's Health With These Tips

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Having a healthy lifestyle means that you don't drink too much alcohol, you are not a chain smoker, or you don't expose yourself to too much stress. The brain is said to be the most vital body organ and any activity that threatens its existence is not good at all. Quit anything that can kill your brain cells. If there is one thing that must be done, it is all about maintaining a lifestyle that will promote the brain's long life.

Eat the right food at the right time. There are a number of foods which are enlisted in the three groups of balanced meals. Anything that you take into your body must be brain-friendly. It is the food which fuels the brain so that it can carry out its task. Throw away any garbage food that you keep in your cupboard or refrigerator and put in the necessary ones that can take care of your brain. Exercise your brain. A dull mind has no brain prowess. For your brain to stay active as well as alive at all times, an effective way to do that is by administering brain teasers. Put your brain at work so it gets accustomed to performing its task [Read more]

Things to Remember During an Interview

Here are some common job descriptions explained that can aid a sales job applicant specify which job is right for them. Having a successful sales career has a starting point. Successful entrepreneurs today, built the skills, attitude and character by starting off somewhere and being excellent in that field. This is where the first job description is all about, the sales representative. A sales representative is usually in charge of calling customers and building relationships with them. They usually find the need, promoting products, assisting and advising customers and taking orders from customers. Often times, this is the starting point of a sales career.

This is for people who will be getting in sales jobs. When considering a company one should always look at the company’s integrity. Remember that in a sales job interview you will be like an ambassador. You will be introducing products and services that aim to help people improve their lives. Ask yourself, am I willing to sell products that won’t really provide the best service for the people? If you are not sold out to the products you are selling and if you know with complete honesty that it won’t really help people, then don’t do it. The purpose of business is to serve and provide excellent services [Read more]

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