Thursday, September 25, 2008

Removal of Anger

Energetic Healing for the Removal of Anger

The true purpose of anger is to stimulate us to take action. The more that we can be present in us with our feelings and express them in some way we release anger with greater ease.

The problem is that most of us were not taught to be present with our anger in some way or form. Some of the more common themes that we create of a distorted view of anger are: good children don’t get mad, a dominating force over us to create submission, or confronting anger with more anger.

The first step in breaking out of your own cycle is the realization that it is your own creation. The people that influenced you to be a certain way did not create you or your limitations. Some though had very few choices but to express anger by suppressing or dominating. It is important not to judge you as wrong for what you have chosen [Read more]

Teenage Bodybuilding

There are several things that all teenagers should realize before jumping into teenage bodybuilding, and under no condition should any teenager use steroids. While the body is still growing, teenagers need to make sure to work out safely in a way that won't permanently injure their bodies. Bodybuilding is a great healthy activity for young people when it is done right.

But for teenage bodybuilding to be done right, there are many different truths, or realities, that teens must be fully aware of. Still Growing: During the ages of 14-18, and sometimes even longer, a teenager's body is still growing and filling out. Because of this it is especially important to avoid work out programs that have a risk of severe injury. This is true of any athlete, but particularly bodybuilders since they are working to bulk up as their bones and muscles are still growing. Safety should always come first, there's no sense in getting a permanent injury, especially if it could have been easily prevented.

Stay Away from Supplements: Some combinations turn out to be deadly (see Creatine and Ephedra), most are loaded with caffeine that could cause heart problems, and if you have a smart diet with the right proteins, carbs, and work outs then you don't need any extra help. Stay away from anything that isn't natural and work on the good habits that make champion teenage bodybuilders [Read more]

4 Bald Celebrities Who Look Awfully Good

Perhaps it would be comforting to know that even celebrities can suffer from hair loss. There are some celebrities that simply choose to go bald and flaunt it rather than go worrying and going through numerous treatments.

Patrick Stewart—best known for his role in Star Trek, is a multi-awarded actor (both on film and stage). Stewart has never been ashamed of his baldness, in fact, he was even included on the list of Sexiest Man on Television on the 1992 TV Guide.

Bruce Willis who wouldn’t be able to recognize this hot and sexy action star? He starred in many unforgettable films such as Armageddon, Pulp Fiction, Sin City, The Sixth Sense and the Die Hard series. His hair noticeably receded in the late 90’s. He eventually shaved the rest of it and started a trend among white males as did Michael Jordan among the African-Americans [Read more]

Three Common Relationship Mistakes to Avoid

The more you worry about it the more he thinks that you're changing. He thinks that maybe you're not interested in him anymore because you seem to be distant and always thinking about something else. Then he holds back and when he does, you think that maybe he's not interested in you anymore. You start questioning him over the little things he does. His calls are not as frequent as before and he visits you less often. He thinks you're worried over nothing so he'll step away from the relationship thinking that that's the best solution.

Not knowing how his mind works. It's easy for women to assume that they're in an exclusive relationship after a few dates. He, on the other hand, thinks that he's just having a grand time with a wonderful woman.

Making the “big mistake.” Thinking about your needs, but never about his own, is the big mistake. Although meeting our needs first is our basic nature, this won't work in a relationship. You have to take the limelight away from you momentarily and focus on what his needs are. Do this and you're sure to benefit from it in the future [Read more]

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