Thursday, July 31, 2008

To Have a Father

So Lucky to Have a Father

Sometimes when I was a kid, I was glad that my dad was at work and perhaps not at home to catch me doing something I shouldn't have been doing in the first place. There were always greater consequences when you got in trouble by your dad. It was far more of an ego crush than when your mom had a few cross words for you.

My dad, like so many fathers out there… set the stage for what kind of a man I should one day marry. Most little girls look at their father as the king of all men… and they want to marry someone "just like him."During our teen years, we often decide that we want to marry someone exactly the opposite of our fathers. This is the time in our lives when we start to see their faults and realize we want nothing to do with them, most of the time [Read more]

The Cat's Mastery of the Present Moment

I have been the caregiver of six cats in my adult life, and I have learned about living through them. They taught me one important, life-altering lesson. All the cats focused on the present and enjoyed life immensely when doing so.

Cats are not enamored with the past — "Wasn't that a tasty mouse I had last week?" They certainly are not focused on the future — "When are they going to board me again?" They do not know they are not going to live forever. Cats do not worry about when the next medical breakthrough will help them or save them. They do not know the warning signs of their deteriorating health like you do and do not flop restlessly about during the night agonizing about what will happen next [Read more]

The Importance of Side Projects

It's important to distinguish "productively busy" from just "busy." Many people are busy, but how much are they actually getting done? For programmers, the single most important contributor to productive busy-ness is having lots of side projects going on, aside from your main "day job."

Kohsuke Kawaguchi just loves to program, and he loves making users happy. Looking at his homepage kohsuke dot org you see an enormous list of side projects that have various levels of relevance to his day job at Sun. Some of his projects, the Hudson continuous integration engine, for example, are enormously successful and popular. It is this productivity and breadth of side projects that make me consider Kohsuke the most productive programmer I know [Read more]

Treat Sunburn With Home Remedies

The home remedies for sunburn are not only helpful in treating the sunburn, but also in avoiding it to quite an extent. The best way to protect oneself from sunburn is intake of lot of fluids in order to prevent dehydration, and also replace the loss of water due to sunburn. In order to avoid the brunt of sunburn, one should eat high-content protein foods and raw fruits to fulfill the appropriate need of body for vitamins and minerals. Coconut oil and sandalwood oil are very effective in healing the burnt skin due to their cooling properties. Application of coconut or neem oil on the body, before and after taking bath is considered as a useful remedy for sunburn.

An effective home remedy for sunburn is to apply the paste of four tablespoon of buttermilk and two tablespoon of tomato juice for half an hour, and then wash it off. Similarly, paste of turmeric, barley and yoghurt in equal proportions also gives immense relief when applied on the sunburn area. Intake of juice of raw mango along with salt and sugar is very effective in combating sunburn, and is highly recommended at least thrice a day [Read more]

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