Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dating Lies

Five Big Fat Dating Lies

There are a lot of lies circulating around the world, especially when it comes to dating! Some of the lies are told to us by other people and some of them, we actually tell ourselves.

I don't think you find love when you least expect it. That's as stupid as saying, "You'll get a job when you least expect it." Do you think anyone would ever recommend that a person interested in a new career should not look? Don't send out a resume either, I suppose. Don't search in the classifieds for a new job. In fact, just give up the job search all together and suddenly, miraculously your dream job will show up, unannounced… when you least expect it! Right? Wrong! That entire thought process is insane!

Every romantic on earth wants to meet, "The One." "The One" is our soulmate, right? He/She is just perfect for us. They can practically finish our sentences, they laugh at our jokes when everyone else thinks the jokes are stupid, we are wildly attracted to "The One" and there is an immediate chemistry that we just can't deny [Read more]

Working With a Difficult Boss

The first thing you have to realize is that the only person whose actions you can control and direct is your own. Don’t even bother trying to change other people – they will probably only end up disliking you for it. You can, however, direct some of the more potentially heated confrontations by adapting a non-confrontational attitude. Be clear, firm and assertive without resorting to loud or aggressive acts yourself. In most instances, this can already work to cool the heads of people involved.

It cannot be emphasized enough the importance of clear communication. This means the ability to speak clearly without being ambiguous or leaving the potential of being misunderstood. Learning how to communicate effectively is a skill like any other. Thus, it can be learned and developed. Over time, it can help to define a better working relationship with other people [Read more]

How to Ask for a Raise

Access How Much Others Working in Your Field are Earning: The first thing you should do before you ask for a raise is learn about typical salaries in your field. You can get this information by using salary calculator tools like and even looking at salary surveys. If you belong to a professional association, check with it to see if it has salary information available.

Prepare Your Argument: You really shouldn’t approach asking your boss for a raise as an argument, but you may have to make your case. Arm yourself with information. Know what a normal raise is for someone with your experience and occupation. Think of it as selling yourself just as you would do if you were trying to get a prospective employer to hire you. That’s why it is imperative to make a list of all the things you’ve accomplished for your employer [Read more]

10 Facts You Have To Know About Alcohol

One glass of beer can lead to a lifetime of alcohol bond. When drinking, always be in control and always drink in moderation.

The safe level of drinking is at least 2 drinks per day for men. Well, this is dependent on the age of the drinker. But in most cases, 2 drinks a day is moderate.

Don’t be too overwhelmed with the studies that show how alcohol can be good for your heart. This is only true to moderate drinkers. Studies show that moderate drinkers are less likely to develop heart disease compared to non-drinkers and heavy-drinkers [Read more]

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