Friday, July 18, 2008

Fine Tuning The Criminal Mind

Crime Shows: Fine Tuning The Criminal Mind?

The writers are increasingly creative and have a tireless supply of inspiration from real life events that they can put various spins on. The actors are dedicated and the directors are creating stories that are engaging and elicit emotional responses.

I know that personally they are my favorite thing to tune in to when I watch television. I watch a complicated crime unfold and the story develop around it until the criminals minimal error is exposed and the perp is collared! Usually this error is exposed by using a combination of a mastermind underpaid detective and the limitless resources of forensic science. I have often feared that this information may be misinterpreted by some as instruction. The program lays out how to commit the crime, what errors to avoid and if arrested how to see your trial through to acquittal.

The truth of the matter is that the numerous crime shows and frequency with which they air are in fact having an effect on real-world expectations [Read more]

5 Steps to Starting Your Day Right

1.Always think of something to look forward to when you wake up. As soon as you hear the sound of your alarm clock, think of something or someone that will inspire you to get out of bed. You can either think of the new suit you are going to wear at the office. You can also think of someone you want to see during the morning.

2.Do some stretching and/or meditation. Stretching in the morning will also make you feel better. And if you have the luxury of time, try to meditate. You will have a more peaceful mind set if you include this in your morning routine.

3.Fresh up. You will feel fully awake after freshening up. Feel good about yourself after taking a shower. Dry your hair and look glamorous after using the professional hair straighteners. Wear your dress and finish your make up. You will feel much better once you like what you see in front of the mirror [Read more]

Fashion - Catalyst For Social Change

One of the first points of contact between fashion and social issues was the Vietnam War and the developing opposition to that conflict. Invariably, those strongly opposed to the war wore their hair long and favored tie-dyed "hippie" clothes while those who supported the conflict wore their hair short and chose clothes that were much more conservative in nature.

When the United States began to lose its' once predominant position in the textile industry, most of the industry shifted to lesser developed parts of the world where working conditions often approached "sweatshop" status. With Hollywood taking the lead, consumers boycotted many of the companies that used these ill-treated workers to make the garments and, in many cases, succeeded in changing company policy. This type of boycott was especially successful in getting companies to stop doing business with areas of the world that employed child labor under unusually harsh conditions [Read more]

Busting Relationship Myths

Dating provokes a wide spectrum of emotions, ranging from excitement and giddiness to disappointment and frustration, which means starting a new relationship, requires that we take a leap of faith. We have to trust that our instincts will attract the right person, who offers qualities that will create lasting happiness in our lives. To create a new relationship model for yourself, it’s important to debunk a few distracting societal myths so you can begin with a clean slate.

Romantic Myth Buster #1: You control who you date.I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but as I mentioned earlier, unless you do a little self-discovery you’ll typically attract someone that fits a pattern you observed in your parents. It’s true. Before man could write, humans survived for thousands of years mimicking roles and behaviors, which became heavily ingrained in our species. It’s why young adults find themselves in carbon copy relationships that their parents warned them to avoid [Read more]

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