Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beauty: There Is A Price To Be Paid For It

Shoe Styles and Injuries

Spiked heels, in particular, have a tendency to lodge in cracks in sidewalks and severe ankle injuries are the result. Some shoe manufacturers have recalled shoes due to the number of injuries that clients experienced, and the company absorbed the cost of offering refunds to customers, but many tried to offer customers the option of trading the defective pairs for a shoe style that was stylish but safer.

Shoes that fit closely on the foot are likely to cause some injuries during the first month of wear. Many shoe customers know that some shoe materials will require a breaking in period before they are comfortable and safe to wear. During the first weeks of wear, many customers will love the shoe styles and injuries will occur when shoe material rub against the skin and cause it to blister from the friction caused by contact with materials such as leather.

Other shoe styles cause injuries due to the angle at which the bottom of the foot rests in the shoe. Some people are unaccustomed to wearing shoes made of cork or hard leathers and will recognize the unsuitability of long-term wear after only a few hours [Read more]

Addiction 2.0

Almost 2 million people this year will find themselves entering some kind of rehabilitation for abuse of various drugs or alcohol. In the past 70 years or so, these alcoholics and addicts would have left various rehabilitation institutions to then begin a lifetime of meetings in church basements with fellow addicts or alcoholics, there to find the support and encouragement to continue their life clean and sober.

Well, now, in spite of fears about Internet addiction, major recovery organizations have been using the Internet to help and support individuals recovering from their affliction. An increasing number of support groups are springing up all over web with one goal: to provide online, 24/7 support for people recovering from some form of substance abuse.

Of course, for every benefit of online meetings, there are also some risks. The use of chat protocols, for example, opens up a portal to the user’s PC that may expose them to risk of being “hacked.” Email-based list servers also pose the problem of how to remain “anonymous” when the entire virtual room can see your email address [Read more]

3 Weight Loss Diets Than Don't Work!

You can achieve your weight loss goals with free and/or inexpensive information and products. So, I want to go over three diets that are being marketed like they’re miracles, but in reality will not do the job. They may help some people lose weight temporarily; however, if you’re looking to lose weight and keep it off, I would avoid these three diets.

1.Low-fat diets. These diets make a lot of sense right? You don’t want to be fat, so you figure let’s just cut out all foods that have fat in them. Unfortunately, while this sounds great in theory, your body doesn’t like it. You see, our bodies actually need fat to perform certain vital functions properly, and without lipids (or fats) we could be putting our bodies in serious danger. Now, there is a big difference between good fats and bad fats. Without going into too much detail, I’ll tell you that the fat from a fast-food hamburger is not good fat, and the fat from eating natural peanut butter is good fat [Read more]

The Blessings in Challenges

If you learn to see challenges in a new light, they can easily become the best things that have ever happened to you. Below you’ll find 5 questions you should ask whenever you find yourself facing challenges:

What Can I Learn From This? Too often we view challenges as annoyances or personal vendettas, when in fact they may hold a great opportunity to learn and grow! If you start by asking what you can learn from each challenge, you’ll suddenly see them as possibilities that pave the way to greater wisdom and self-mastery.

How Can This Strengthen Me? One major reason why challenges intimidate us is because we don’t feel capable of handling them. We have a limited perception of our own abilities, so we automatically believe that the challenge is bigger than we are. However, if you learn to see challenges as an opportunity to become stronger and more empowered, there’s no way they can hold you back! [Read more]

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