Monday, July 14, 2008

Wise Housewife Tips

Some Unusual Uses For Motion Detectors

Everyone thinks that motion detectors are just used to keep people out of their home. Well, here are a few uses for motion detectors that you might not have thought about:

- Place a Door Alarm on your elderly parent's or young child's door to alert you that they are out of the room at night

- How about teenagers -- what time do they really come in at night? You will absolutely know the time with a properly placed Motion Detector. Just don't tell the teenager that you set one up or it will spoil the surprise...

- Pantries -- place a Motion Detector near your food supply (pantry, refrigerator, even the cookie jar) to let you know when someone is trying to break their diet or eat when they aren't supposed to [Read more]

Are You a Stress Addict?

Even while complaining about stress, stress addicts believe that if you aren’t stressed, you:

- are too dumb to notice what a terrible state everything is in

- just took a tranquilizer or

- need to be educated by someone who “gets it” before you experience the dire consequences of your lack of awareness.

So wherever you are on the stress-addiction scale, it’s absolutely okay.

Extreme stress addicts have already abandoned this article because it reminded them of the fifty things they need to get done immediately. Or they ran off to take a Paxil or a Xanax, or maybe a Celexa, all the time wondering if they should have stuck with Prosac.

Yes, I’m being facetious, but one sign of stress addiction is worrying that any choice you make is the wrong choice [Read more]

Ways to Increase Metabolism - Metabolism and Exercise

Researchers have studied the acute effect of undertaking the exercise on the energy that is being exhausted. In most of these studies, there is a faster metabolic rate in a period of a day following the exercise. For example, aerobics shoot up the rate of metabolism just after the session is over.

There is also a probability that men and women have different effects of exercise on the metabolism. Most of the researches that were conducted have used men for the study. But, women have shown not much change in RMR when comparisons were made between women who were in the habit of exercising and those who were not. This goes to conclude that women appear to use up lesser amount of calories both at rest and while exercising.

Although a lot of data has been assimilated through several researches that have been conducted in this regard, it is still very difficult to come to a conclusion mainly owing to the various methodologies that have been followed. However, there is growing evidence seen that there is a definite correlation between exercise and the metabolic rate. A few of these observations are listed below: [Read more]

How Freelancing Changed My Family

I already knew I wanted to work for myself since graduating high school, but it was many years before I would eventually do just that. As the start of kindergarten approached, my husband transferred positions within his company and landed a Monday-Friday schedule. It was time to do something. I finally made the leap the February before the start of a new school year.

I had one client I worked with doing marketing work. The money was better than the job I had just quit so it seemed like things were worth the risk... until the rug was pulled out from under me and I lost the client due to his lack of money six months later. I freaked out and scoured the internet for a new client with no success. That is, until I answered a craigslist ad for an administrative assistant and my life and the life of my family changed for the good in a way I didn’t think was possible.

My family’s life has changed immensely for the positive. My daughter went off to kindergarten as excited as could be and was even happier to find me waiting for her bus when she returned home, as I was able to do everyday for the entire school year. Even though I was really business in just a few short months and making sufficient money, I still had complete control over my life and my schedule [Read more]

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