Sunday, July 27, 2008

Famous Most Experimental Songs

The Beatles Seven Most Experimental Songs

"What's The New Mary Jane". This song which features only John Lennon, George Harrison and Lennon's soon to be wife Yoko Ono. It was not actually released until The Beatles Anthology 3. It was intended for The Beatles incredible 1968 double album known as The White Album (it was actually self titled.) It was not included due to time constraints. The song features a simple piano part, bizarre lyrics, and insane sound effects. The last 4 minutes of the song is basically just spacey sound effects. It's definitely one of those songs that's quite hard to describe with words. It's definitely a real trip.

"Revolution #9". This 8 minute track was included on The White Album and has probably become The Beatles most infamous track. Many hate it. Some love it. Count me among those that loves it. Don't get me wrong, I don't listen to it every time I put the album on, it's not that kind of track. But when I do listen to it, I still find it fascinating [Read more]

The 10 Warning Signs That You Have Too Much Debt

Credit cards can be too easy to obtain yet too difficult to maintain, especially when people find themselves borrowing from one card to pay off another. Credit may even be advertised as free - but we still have to pay in the end.

What you buy on credit may raise your standard of living today, but the repayments will lower your standard of living tomorrow, and possibly for years afterwards. Families often live from payday to payday with little or no savings for emergencies.

In America personal bankruptcies have more than doubled in the last 10 years. Most of these people had jobs yet unexpected bills or reductions in pay caused their bankruptcy.

British people have over Ј130 billion of personal debt. It is estimated that, on average, there is nearly Ј10,000 of debt from credit cards, loans and overdrafts for every adult in the country - and that's excluding mortgages.

The amount borrowed from credit cards has risen more than 100% in the past 4 years [Read more]

Utilizing the Tools of Feng Shui - The Bagua

Shape has an effect on the flow of energy and balance. Hence the Bagua, used like a map can be applied to your plot of land, your house, your rooms, your furniture and even your business and prosperity in life. The Bagua is a most fair and practical way of applying the philosophical principles of the I Ching or what is also referred to as “The Book of Changes” to Feng Shui.

From time immortal, the Chinese have taken to consult and ponder the I Ching for its measures and insights into the very nature of people, places things and interpersonal relationships. Other cultures may have used wizards and astrology. The Chinese used the “Book of Changes “, which we know its Chinese language term “The I Ching”.

It can be said that the very basis of I Ching directs one towards an understanding of what are called and technically described as simply “ trigrams “. Trigrams can be said to indicate the degree of yin and yang. Trigrams in their simplicity explain and demonstrate the ideas of constant change. Not only that but the change illustrated by these trigrams is constant and cyclical- that is not only can you count on it to change but also to change in a similar predictable manner – that is if you live, or persevere long enough.

The statement ‘what goes around comes around” is a testament and example of this philosophy and way of life. In its simplest explanation the octagonal shape of the eight trigrams with unbroken lines represent yang, and broken lines represent yin and is called a or the “Bagua” [Read more]

How to Get Rich: Illusions and Facts

Every one would start worshipping money in an unnatural way then. For functioning in the society, one needs to have some money, so that he can conduct himself comfortably. That would certainly mean around $250/week or even $1000/week, depending on the circumstances of yours, along with location. Anything additional to this survival amount would definitely be less essential as compared to the health, family, friends, happiness, and spiritual life of yours. Anything less than this amount would become a struggle in terms of survival, and hence, must be avoided at any cost.

You, however, need to understand that it’s not money, but the people causing problems. Money is, in actual sense, a tool which can be used for the betterment of society. A person having good virtues would use the money for constructive purposes; whereas the bad person would go on to do something destructive with the same money. It’s the attitude that matters. It should be noted that a thing mustn’t be labeled evil just because certain bad people tend to use them in an incorrect manner [Read more]

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