Sunday, August 3, 2008

Because I Just Don’t Care

Drop the Ego

There is no reason to befriend everybody. If you are nice to someone and they are an asshole to you or are just plain old rude to you, then you have done nothing to them to warrant their behavior. You’ve been nice, self-aware, non-confrontational, and you haven’t challenged them. You’ve killed them with kindness. Yet they still choose to be an asshole.So what’s the point? You need to understand and accept the fact that you can’t make everybody like you and respond favorably to you.

The way I look at it is if someone is being an asshole, it’s really your ego that doesn’t like it. Your ego may not like that you can’t succeed in getting this person to think the way that you are thinking. Your ego may not like that you can’t get this person to respond favorably to you.

It’s also your ego that doesn’t allow you to just walk away from someone like this. If I have to deal with an asshole, then I will kill them with kindness during the one or two obligatory minutes I must spend talking to them. When I then walk away, I will just mutter “asshole” under my breath and walk away . . . because I just don’t care [Read more]

Master Class: Ways to Heal Your Broken Heart

The tendency that many have after experiencing a loss is to pretend that it didn't happen. We want to deny that what was taken from us will never be ours again. "Certainly we will get back together, right?" "I know he still loves me." "She just needs a break." "My love will realize I am the best catch out there.

"While these statements may make you feel better for the moment, they certainly do not help you move past the pain and move forward in your life. When we lose the love of another, it is best to accept that the loss has taken place and focus on how we can learn, grow, and move forward into a happier place. Futile attempts to hold on to the love will only prolong the agony of your heart break.

It is very easy after a break up to beat yourself up. "If only I had done this… or that… perhaps we would still be together." The one being left in the relationship often takes blame and responsibility for the sorrow filled ending [Read more]

Why Are Fad Diets So Dangerous?

In today’s society, looks mean everything. Looks predetermines how you are viewed as a person. And because of that, people have become more and more obsessed with the next fad diet or pill in hopes to cut those unwanted pounds to improve their appearance. Everybody wants to be thin and they are desperate enough to try anything to get their quickly. And the best way to get there is by obtain free online diets.

Now, I’m not saying these fad diets don’t work. Most of them work fine as long as you follow their instructions strictly. In fact, most of them help people obtain their goals quicker. So why am I even talking about old fashion dieting? Why am I so insistent in you obtaining free diet programs? There are three important benefits that separate regular dieting from those fad diets [Read more]

Tattoos In Ancient Societies

Long before Otzi was tattooed in the Bronze Age, there is evidence recovered during archaeological digs of probable tattoo implements as early as the Upper Paleolithic period (38,000 – 10,000 BC). These implements included red ochre, needles, and bone cups stained with ochre. Some figurines discovered from the same time period had designs on their skin, adding more circumstantial evidence to the belief that these very ancient people tattooed their skin.

Moving forward in history, we also know that the ancient Egyptians tattooed themselves. The first tattooed Egyptians were from the Middle Kingdom period (2160-1994 BC). The most famous tattooed Egyptian mummy from that period was a priestess named Amunet, who was discovered in Thebes. Amunet had tattooed lines and dots arranged in ornamental patterns on her chest, back, pelvis and legs. The tattoos on her back and chest were patterns of necklaces, belts and collars that were clearly ornamental. The tattoos over her pelvis were believed to enhance fertility [Read more]

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