Friday, August 15, 2008

In-home Drugs For Teens

Most Adults Never Heard of the Stuff Today’s Kids Are Using to Get High

At least 24 million Americans, many of them under age 20, have a substance abuse dependency.

But such drug dangers represent just the tip of the iceberg! You’re probably in the dark about the other stuff today’s kids are using to get high. It’s those insidious chemical concoctions -- available in our own kitchens, bathrooms, closets, laundry areas, garages and even at our computer workstations -- that could destroy the life of a child you love.

As the new school year approaches, and in anticipation of National Recovery Month in September and the National Alcohol Awareness Month in October, every parent and educator will want to be informed about the latest drug crazes, and what it takes to educate and safeguard teens and pre-teens [Read more]

Stress Free Child’s Development

Many parents have strong views on what sort of childhood is best for their little ones. They are determined that they should enjoy those early years and imagine them playing in the garden, building dens and hunting for fairies. Having fun is what they believe childhood is all about, not being force-fed activities.

They want their children to learn at their own pace, and develop their own tastes and interests. They would provide plenty of play-dough, paints, building blocks and dressing up clothes. But sad to say, life does not always follow the intended path. Within precious few years they find that their life is ruled by the clock and a calendar crammed with pre-school or after school activities. Both child and parents become stressed, over-stretched, overtired and over-pushed [Read more]

Daddy Will You Buy Me Some Diabetes?

Over 12 million children in the United States suffer with childhood obesity. This is an alarming statistic and a frightening one for parents. The incidences of childhood obesity increased 100 percent over the last ten years.

The reasons for obesity are a societal as well as physical. There are two major forces that have created this phenomenon of overweight children in our society.The first major impact on the weight of our children is the amount of fast food that is eaten on a daily basis. The fast food industry has changed the American diet into a junk food melee that lacks healthful options. Fast food consumption combined with the sedentary lifestyles of kids who play expensive video games rather than playing outside contributes to the high incident of overweight children [Read more]

Proven Ways Make Your Husband Come Home Earlier

Let the romance live on and consume the both of you, even when the kids have grown up, and they are falling in love, themselves.So you must be wondering why your husband comes home too late, or worse, barely comes home. You start to suspect that he has a lover and that he may have lost his love for you. Eventually, this can be frustrating. But before you even conclude on the situation, start thinking about what kind of relationship you have at the moment, as someone outside of the circle.

Have you been so busy that you have forgotten to romanticize with him at night? Have you been too tired, that you refuse his sensual innuendos often? Or have you simply stopped being the desirable wife that you once were? If you are guilty of any of the following, why don't you start bringing the life back into your romance. Here are some wonderful ways to make your husband come home earlier every day [Read more]

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