Monday, August 25, 2008

Personal Code of Ethics

Integrity - Living Your Personal Code of Ethics

I had never even heard of integrity as a means of personal development before. It was always something you heard about in church or old black and white movies where some big situation would arise and a dashing character in a sweet hat would act with integrity and just "do the right thing".

If you are following someone else's accepted principles of right and wrong, you could possibly personally feel stuck, internally torn and incomplete. So let’s put it all together then so we can get back to how integrity puts us onto a kick butt lifestyle. Living a life of integrity means that you adhere to your personal sense of right and wrong, and by taking actions based on those beliefs, create a life for yourself that feels wholesome, fluid, complete and pure.

If you want to feel whole and live a life of integrity you must have your code of ethics trump all others that cross your path. There are people that will be emotionally hurt by this but you have to remember that even if you acted OUT of integrity it is NEVER your job to try to change another person's emotions by sacrificing your own. It's a losing battle. People will feel what they feel and when you try to guess you often just end up with two pissed off people. The one you were trying to help and yourself for not taking the action you knew you should have [Read more]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cuba

Much has been written and said about Cuba’s former president Fidel Castro, but few can argue that he’s an incredible man. The 81 year old has lived through an estimated 600+ assassination attempts, the Cold War and 9 US presidents.

Despite widespread poverty and being free for all, Cuba’s healthcare is amongst the best in the world. An interesting fact about Cuba is that the average life expectancy is around 76 years, and its medical technology is amongst their most successful exports. Indeed, Cuban scientists were behind vaccines for hepatitis B and meningitis B. If you get sick on your luxury Cuba holiday, you are entitled to the same excellent healthcare as the locals [Read more]

Infrastructure Metal Theft on the Rise

Sewer grates, manhole covers, and even steel bridge castings from a railroad company have become the items of choice for those looking to cash in on the high price of metal. As the domestic and international demand for infrastructure and manufacturing metals has increased, the price for these commodities has created an escalation of metal thefts. These types of crimes do not only create serious safety problems, they also add a significant financial burden to the communities affected.

The recent rise in ferrous metal theft is a serious concern due to the relative ease and availability of iron and steel materials. In addition, thieves will often cause serious damage to public or private infrastructure during the theft. Recovery of these materials is very difficult and replacement costs are often expensive [Read more]

Natural Cures For High Blood Pressure

The first natural cure for high blood pressure is increased physical activity. The activity should be something that you enjoy and should also increase the heart rate and help you to lose weight. This natural cure improves the blood pressure several ways. It increases your overall health and stamina. It reduces stress by releasing the ‘fight or flight’ hormones accumulated in your system from daily stress, and promotes weight reduction.

The second natural cure involves monitoring your diet on a daily basis. Some foods reduce cholesterol, a prime cause of artery blockage and increased blood pressure. Eliminate caffeine and nicotine, from your life. Reduce the intake of salt and increase natural fibers like those in whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables.

The third way to reduce hypertension is the use of herbal remedies and supplements. Increase your intake of calcium, vitamin C, CoQ10 and Flaxseed. Herbs that lower blood pressure include coleus forskohlii, hawthorn and mistletoe. Always speak with your doctor before starting a regimen of herb supplements [Read more]

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