Monday, August 4, 2008

Interior Design Mistakes

5 Common Interior Design Mistakes

Too much furniture in a room or extra large furniture in a small room can make the room look cluttered or even smaller. Purchase furniture with the room in mind to make sure that it goes with the size of the room, as well as your needs. When placing furniture in your room, be sure that you allow enough room to breathe. This can make a big difference in how a room feels to both your family and your friends.

Most homeowners hang their pictures too high on the walls. You want them to be at eye level, so that they can become part of the design space. The center of the art should be 5 to 5-1/2 feet from the floor, so that they will be at the right height. Showcase your art and special pieces by hanging them at a level where they will become a focal point on your walls [Read more]

Winning Lotto is Not Good For Your Financial Future

Could it be that the mentality that causes people to buy lottery tickets is the same mindset that loses those winnings. One of the proven points is that if people advance beyond where they are, whether it be financially or socially, that they eventually gravitate back to the level where they see themselves. (Eg. The image you have of yourself must also advance if you are to retain your financial status).

So when people gain these winnings, they don’t have the financial intelligence to deal with the large amounts of money and therefore these funds disappear at an extremely fast rate.On the other side of the coin if we look at people that have created their own wealth, their wealth continues to grow. By developing the right mindset in the first place it gives them the understanding of what wealth actually is [Read more]

The Spa: A History in the Renewal of Body, Mind and Spirit

There's some disagreement as to the derivation of the word spa. It has been suggested that the word originates from the Latin verb "spagere" - to pour forth, or as in the phrase, "Salus Per Aquam," meaning health through water, but these assertions are only suggestions. More likely, the term is derived from the name of the Belgium town, Spa, well-known since Medieval times as a source for healing illnesses caused by iron deficiency. Patrons there drank chalybeate, or iron bearing, spring water whose mineral essentials healed what ailed them. An Englishman who had been to the town of Spa, discovered a chalybeate spring in Yorkshire, England, where he built what became known as the first English resort for drinking medicinal waters. As time went on, the word "spa" referred less to resorts for water drinking and more generally defined a place offering external remedies.

No matter its word origins, the spa has served as a prominent place in many cultures. During the Classical Age, Homer and other writers reported how Greeks enjoyed a variety of baths, as early as 500 B.C. Emperor Agrippa, in 25 B.C., created the first Roman thermae, or large-scale spa. As emperors tried to outdo the efforts of the last, thermaes were built across the Roman Empire, from Africa to England. These sometimes extravagant complexes included sport activities, restaurants, and a variety of baths [Read more]

10 Steps to Avoid ID Theft

Be on guard for the shoulder surfer. This is the guy who likes to casually look over someone's shoulder as he or she enters a PIN number or credit card number at an ATM, phone booth, or even work computer. Those using a public place to withdraw cash or import personal information should always be aware of others around them and their ability to see what keys are being pressed.

Direct people to photo ID verification. Instead of signing the back of a credit card, write "See photo ID" on the back. Often, store clerks do not check for a signature on a credit card; and thieves can still use these cards to make purchases online or over the phone. However, for times when signature verification is required, the card holder is creating another layer of security by directing a salesperson a photo ID as well [Read more]

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