Monday, August 18, 2008

Teaching Our Children to be Cheerful Givers

Teaching Our Children to be Cheerful Givers

Giving is not something that comes easily to a child. Hey, it doesn’t even come easily for adults! We tend to want to hang onto our stuff. After all, we’ve worked hard for that stuff. It’s ours! Why work so hard if we’re just going to turn around and give it away?

Kids, on the other hand, have to be taught how to give. And, of course, that is left up to us as their parents. So what can we do to teach our children to be cheerful givers? Set an example. If I complain every time I write out the check to church for our tithe, or express frustration at having offered to cook a meal for a neighborhood family, why should I expect my kids to gladly give their time or money to someone in need? Kids only become what their parents are. Scary thought, but one that really makes me consider the example I’m setting. Toy exchange. When your children receive a toy as a gift, why not make them give away one they already have?

Not only will this keep the clutter to a minimum, but it will make them more aware of the toys they do have and allow them to choose something specific they decide they can do without and give it to another child who doesn’t have as much [Read more]

Surviving the Job Interview

You should keep in mind that, as a job applicant, you have certain rights. There are questions that you don't have to answer by law, and you cannot be discriminated against for your refusal to answer them. Legally, certain questions are not allowed to be asked during an interview. While hostility is not a wise option, it is essential to understand your legal position. Remember to be confident when answering questions, even the tough ones that deal with lapses in work history or mediocre career goals.

The best course to follow during an interview is always one of honesty. If they find out you lied, you will no longer be in the race for the job and you'll be automatically disqualified.

Practicing interviews goes a long way toward giving you self-confidence. With the help of friends or family, you can prepare yourself to answer questions without hesitation and try a few different answers to choose the one that sounds best. Rehearsal is important for making sure you look confident to potential employers. You can also use a mirror to see how your face and eyes display a look of either nerves or confidence, and work on eliminating small details that will give an impression of self-doubt. Once you enter the interview and finally meet your potential employer, use a firm handshake and a smile, keep yourself from looking down at the floor, and definitely try not to shift too much from nerves [Read more]

Seven Success Secrets to be Better at Everything

Read the Signs. We all get busy. Our personal and business lives are full to the brim with things to occupy our time and mental space. So, it’s easy to zip through life and miss things.

Do the Right Things Every Day. The best way to accomplish anything is to put the power of action and time to work for you. Just like interest accruing on an investment, when you invest the right actions on a daily basis, you accomplish your goal much faster.

So, whatever you’re doing, figure out the actions you need to take on a regular basis to accomplish your goals. Then do those every day, every week, every month, whatever it takes to get it done.

Be Good to Yourself. Being successful in business, as in life, takes energy and work. And it’s a lot harder when you’re tired, stressed out or otherwise in poor health. So, set yourself up for a win by taking care of yourself. Keep your body and mind well-tuned and in good shape so you have the physical and mental energy to be all that you can be.

We’re all different so we all have things that help us stay healthy and balance. Find what works for you and do them on a daily basis [Read more]

Why Do Some People Get Spots and Others Don't?

Spots whether you like them or not can happen at time, and it really does not matter if you are a teenager, an adult or even a little baby, spots can and do strike at any time. There are some common factors as to why spots do take place such as genes, age and if your parents had spots then it is quite likely that you will also have spots too. Spots are not just for the face, but can appear anywhere on the body such as the back, shoulders and also the chest.

It is also the possibility that you are actually dehydrated and if your body is not able to flush out toxins then your body will cause the development of spots to appear. It is essential that you are drinking lots of water in order to make sure that you body is getting rid of excess toxins.

As well as drinking water make sure that your eating a well balanced diet that is not consisting of junk foods and excess chocolates. Avoid excess amounts of tea, coffee and also alcohol, and other drinks that are so called stimulants.The biggest issue that you need to be aware is not to squeeze your spots, even if they seem to be ready to squeeze. This can cause further damage to the skin and it can cause a permanent scar to appear on the skin. But this is something that people never not do, and are quite happy to squeeze away at their spots, only to regret the decision later on when then it is too late or too difficult to then heal the skin to its normal state [Read more]

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