Saturday, April 5, 2008

Women’ Self Defense

The Surprise Element In Women’ Self Defense

Unless criminals are able to chance upon their target in some remote location, they have to search for them. The most obvious location would be where he can find many people. This helps him in narrowing down to his most likely target. You need, therefore, to always be on the lookout for people taking unusual interest in you.

The best safeguard for you, a key concept of women’s self defense, is people. Always try to be with people. Try to surround yourself with others. It does not matter that they may not be able to help you physically in case of an attack on you, but attackers are usually timid hearted and avoid company.

How Acupuncture Can Help With Candida

In terms of candida solutions, acupuncture is increasing in popularity as part of a holistic approach to getting rid of unhealthy candida bacterial levels. While we all have levels of candida in our body it can create havoc when levels rise above normal and acupuncture might be the answer.

Many people who suffer from yeast related illnesses are frustrated with their inability to prevent recurrences of the yeast infection and because acupuncture can positively affect your immune system, it can be very worthwhile to do in conjunction with other treatments. It’s possible that an immune system boost could help you get rid of yeast infections much more easily.

Instead of taking prescription medication regularly, you could find holistic approaches that work very effectively because they help train your body to fight back.

Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction can be caused due to exposure to porn at a young age. Under these circumstances, the addict keeps up to his habits even after marriage. At a stage, the mind gets accustomed to the release of these chemicals and it searches out for extended sources of high. Now this can be in any form such as eating, putting oneself in dangerous situation or even from sexual stimuli. Addiction to sex can take several forms such as the use of pornography, masturbation, repeated sexual affairs, voyeurism, extra martial affairs and patronizing prostitutes.

A sexual addict tends to affect his personal relationships. Under extreme cases, addiction to sex can even result in rape, murder or molestation. In most forms of sexual addiction, the behavior is done in secret and the addict becomes an expert in hiding his secret life from others around him. The individual experiences a higher sex drive as compared to his partner and when his desires are not met, he rebels in different ways. When denied for favors, a sexual addict stops providing emotional support to his spouse and ultimately damages the relationship. In most cases, the problem results in divorce or bitter feelings among the partners. The sex addict becomes extremely obsessed with meeting his own needs at the expense of those around him. This damages his relationships.

Painkiller Addiction

The addiction to pain killer starts when initial dose of pain killer becomes inadequate to ease pain. Here, higher doses are prescribed. Once this cycle begins, a biological process is initiated where the body gets physically addicted to the substances used to ease pain. This indicates that it is essential to maintain a base level of the drug inside the system 24x7 in order to stay away from destructive withdrawal symptoms accompanied by the pain for which the pain killer was prescribed.

Today, scientists have come up with Buprenorphine. It is a miracle drug that’s used to treat pain killer addiction. The drug works towards providing total withdrawal from all types of prescription drug use without the need to replace the old addiction to the newer one. This treatment is widely used today. Buprenorphine is an opiate derivative. It is similar to other opiates in a way that it suppresses the withdrawal symptoms of body as well as the craving for pain killers.

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