Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pink Diamond

Pink Diamond

Naturally, colored diamonds are extremely rare and enormously expensive. During the formation of the carbon below the earth’s plates, curtain minerals and composites were present as the carbon crystallized by pressure then heat. These complex minerals became trapped inside at some stage in the crystallizing process of the carbon, the premature diamond.

This protected the mineral or element inclusion from escaping and becoming vaporized by the heat.The mysterious pink diamond is mined in India, Brazil and in Africa. Although, the Argyle Diamond Mine, in Western Australia, remains the largest producer of the pink diamond.

Unlike the kimberlitic plates in India, Brazil, and Africa, the Argyle Diamond Mine produces its pink diamonds from a rock formation called lamproite. Which may give the insight as to why, the mine produces the most brilliant and spectacular display of natural pink diamonds in the world. Gemologists believe the pink hue is not created from any of the elements in the periodic table. Gemologists claim that tiny abrasions along the diamonds multiple grains are responsible for reflecting the pink hue.

Tropical Fish In An Apartment

If you don't have a lot of time I would get very easy care level tropical fish which are as followed; Swordtails, Danio, Platy, Betta, Guppies, Tetras, Goldfish. I would also recommend getting an algae eater or two for the tank so you have to do less cleaning such as a snail, suckermouth cats or Plecos.

Plecos for bigger tanks of course even though they could go in a 10 gallon tank since they only grow to the size of there environment.Now depending on your apartment size is the size tank you should get, but also remember that the bigger the tank more problems could come up. So in general I would not get a tank any bigger then 30 Gallons. That could be still a nice amount of fish you could get between 22 to 30 fish.

Also most landlords do not mind tropical fish since they do not damage furniture or walls. Well that being said if you have a small apartment like I do I would only get an up to 10 Gallon tank which could have up to 10 fish. I also have a 1 and an half gallon but that has my Betta in it.

After Birth: 5 Ways To Lose The Weight

If you are underweight to begin with you may need to gain a little more, you can talk to your doctor about what the exact appropriate weight gain should be for you. Keeping active and eating healthy are essential to not gaining more weight than is actually needed. You should never “diet” while pregnant, just be cautious of extra calories. Just because you are pregnant does not mean it is a free for all.

Breast milk is the best start for your baby anyways, and aside from all the benefits it offers your baby, it helps you to burn between 350-500 calories a day. That is the equivalent of an extremely strenuous workout, and all you had to do was sit on the couch and bond with your child. You will find that breastfeeding not only helps you lose the weight, but also helps you regain your shape.You spent the last nine months making sure you were sending your baby only healthy and nutritious things. Why stop now? Hopefully by now you have a habit of eating what is good for you. Don’t waste calories on unhealthy treats and fast food. If you are breastfeeding you need to watch what you are eating anyways.

Keep healthy snacks around like cut up veggies and fruit and remember that drinks have calories too. Be aware of how many calories are in your coffee or juice. Try to drink 10-12 glasses of water a day. You need water for your body to help flush out the fat and toxins of extra weight, plus it will help you feel less hungry.

Healthy Junk Food

Let me tell you about one of my patients. He’s a food scientist who invents new foods in the lab by mixing chemicals. I call them “Frankenfoods.” But working with these chemicals all the time was making my patient sick. We tried hard to lessen his exposure to them.One day, he brought me an industry journal called “Food Business News.” I found it shocking.

The publication was filled with marketing ploys to help the industry give their poor-quality foods the appearance of being healthy. One ad was for Food Ingredient Solutions, a company that makes food dyes to color junk food with natural pigments.Another was for Tyson Foods, which cleverly labels their chicken as “produced without antibiotics that impact antibiotic resistance in humans.” That means they did use antibiotics -- just not ones that cause problems in humans.

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