Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Guru Tips: Skin Care

Curing Cystic Acne

Most people are unaware of the term ‘cystic acne’. Cystic acne is a serious problem of skin that occurs when people deal with acne pimples roughly. Under this type of acne, the pimples work towards forming cysts. These are actually filled with pus.

The problem results in scarring of the skin. These tend to aggravate more when the cysts are squeezed to express the pus. This results in a permanent scar.Don’t expect acne creams and gets to work wonders when the skin is suffering from cystic acne. Experts suggest injectable medication or oral antibiotics that are required to cure the cystic acne.

You should visit a good doctor to prescribe you some effective drugs to treat cystic acne. Under circumstances where initial antibiotic treatment proves ineffective, your doctor will prescribe you a stronger medication course to treat the problems.

Surprising Facts About Yeast Infection In Women

If our inner body apparatus keeps the balance correctly between acid and alkali, our immune system is sufficiently powerful and the friendly probiotic bacteria are more numerous than the Candida organisms then in our intestines, Candida is restricted to the right level. In a healthy person there can be millions of Candida microbes that are in fact of internal benefit.The disaster scenario for Candida yeast overpopulation happens however, when a fragile immune system, a loss of friendly bacteria or toxicity or acidity in the blood works against our internal system.

These factors and cofactors push up Candida overpopulation and are also causal in worsening an already established yeast infection. Like other health problems, Candida yeast infection is caused not only by various primary and secondary considerations, but also their interrelationships.The conditions which run from the irritating to the catastrophic include the leaky gut syndrome, adverse nutrient reaction, rashes, brain fog and irritation, itchiness, swollenness, inflamed areas and white discharge in the genital area.

This happens as a result of Candida changing in form from yeast to fungus, and growing root structures called rhizoids that hook into the intestinal walls piecing holes. Yeast, toxic debris, bacteria and undigested food then move through the holes and into the bloodstream.

Can Contacts Get Lost In Your Eye?

Losing your contact lens in your eye isn’t a big deal. First of all, the contact lens simply can’t slide around the eyeball and into the space behind it. Your eyes are made to resist any intrusion. There is a transparent membrane that covers the inside of your eyelids called the conjunctiva. This membrane is very strong and it actually folds back to cover the front part of your eye.

The white part of the eyeball is protected by the conjunctiva and it is literally impossible for a contact lens to just slide through it.Don’t worry, the contact lens can’t get lost in your eye, only moved around a bit. There are a few reasons why a contact lens might shift out of position. Probably the most common is when you rub your eye carelessly. This can move the contact lens and lodge it under your eyelid, or even knock it right out of your eye!

Care needs to be taken when rubbing your eye, rub around the contact lens if possible, rather than across the eye like you normally would.

Believing In Your Abundance

“You’re no good at this... Who do you think you are?... Don’t be so stupid... Be realistic... You can’t earn money doing what you enjoy... You’ve got financial responsibilities... Get real... You’re not one of the lucky ones… Just give up!”

This voice in the back of your mind is the result of your conditioning or programming that occurs all of the time. It is what you truly believe as truth. Let’s look at what a belief is for a moment… A belief is something that you think over and over again. That’s all it is, nothing more. It’s a thought that you keep thinking.

The obvious way to change a belief is to start thinking what you want to believe as true and think it over and over until it becomes a belief.Sounds quite simple once you’ve broken it down, but this process can be difficult as it requires repetition and determination. The beliefs that do not serve you are no good to you whatsoever and it’s possible that you are self-sabotaging abundance from ever entering your life. Dissolving these inner blockages may take some effort on your part, but it is time well-spent!

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