Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back To Romantic Reality

Come back to romantic reality

Can you picture yourself sitting around dreaming up a romantic fantasy where a dropped pie leads to heartfelt love? Most people, being honest, would have to say, "No." That's just not how romance is thought of in our culture. Besides, romantic fantasy always ends up being punitive. It is contemptuous of "fallen pies." It's dismissive of human imperfection, derisive of anything that doesn't reach the lofty heights of romantic bliss.

I was angry that the pie had fallen and shocked when Jim announced it might have survived intact. I knew better. How could he not have? But, more importantly, I knew Jim was suffering. I understood what he was going through. So, I put my arm around him and told him, "It's a mess, isn't it? I'm so sorry..... Let's get another one later." It was a moment of real romance that left both of us feeling whole and human, compassionate and connected, loved and loving. In contrast to the grandiosity of romantic fantasy, we were just in our garage with a fallen pie, and yet we both experienced a sense of grace and beauty and a special bond of intimacy.

How to be fascinatingly YOU!

My simple answer is that she had a desire to fit in and be accepted. It’s a pretty safe bet that if a woman wants to become her partner’s ideal mate, she only needs to transform herself into that person. And it happens … again, and again, and again. Still, we wonder, what does this cost her? And, is it fair to her significant other? Maybe, most importantly, we need to recognize that following this plan of action leads her to never finding a true ideal mate.

Like many of my coaching clients, I was raised with the unspoken messages of not asking for too much, and not being too vocal about my strengths. As a result, this upbringing and my need to be accepted after my divorce found me dating men who did not require much from their partner. At the same time, they did not offer much, either.

Cinderella Birthday Party Ideas

Send a scroll invitation. Find scroll paper clipart online and print party information in the blank area of the scroll. At each corner add a different image.Print the party information onto cardstock. Try to fit 2 invitations onto one piece of cardstock if possible. Leave a half inch of border around each individual invitation for cutting.

Cut each invitation out carefully. Save as much of the border around each invitation as possible. Cinderella party supplies are readily available at most party stores and online, but a little originality will set your royal affair apart from the rest. Cinderella's signature colors are sky blue or ciel and white. Use these colors for crepe and balloon decor.

The Secret Fat Burning Exercise Strategy

There's a simple way for even us lazy creatures to get the health and fat burning benefits from exercise. The secret lies is knowing several easy but potent exercises that you can quickly do anywhere and at anytime without going to the gym or needing any other special exercise equipment.It really is possible to get fit and into great shape by exercising in lazy 30-second intervals throughout the day.

With this lazy method, you won't even feel like you're doing any exercise, but at the end of the day you will definitely feel the results and after a few weeks, you will even start to see the results. Many people with incredibly defined upper bodies attribute their success from doing 100+ pushups a day. Not by doing 100 at one time, but steadily throughout the day.

The best times to do your super mini workouts are during commercials, when you get yourself a cup of coffee, tea, water, while brushing your teeth, during work breaks and when you are generally feeling a little tired or bored. It's a great way to stimulate your body and to give yourself an extra energy burst. You also don't have to strain yourself or break a sweat.

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