Monday, April 28, 2008

How To Alienate Your Employees Competently

Survival Tips: Five Ways To Alienate Your Employees

Use a different method for investigating errors every time. Don't use a Standard Operation Procedure for investigating errors. This makes so many good things happen. First of all you will never have to worry about getting better at root cause investigations. How could you, if you use a different technique every time? Another advantage is that your employees will never know what's going to happen. Predictability allays fear. You don't want that to happen. You want to show them who's boss.

You'll be surprised how people will live down to your expectations, assuming that none of your employees want to do a good job. Sure, you might get disappointed. Every once in a while someone will overcome your expectations and actually contribute a thoughtful suggestion during problem solving sessions. But those occasions will be rare. They will feel your attitude and will cover up problems just like you assumed they would.

W. Edwards Deming, the famous quality guru, insisted that managers must drive out fear. Don't be concerned about fear in the workplace. But why should employees fear you? After all you're a nice person and besides, you are just doing your job. Forget that Deming said that fear arises from the structure of the employee – manager relationship. Forget that in the mind of the employee the manager has all the power in the relationship. Forget that the manager determines the employee's raise, that the manager can hire, that the manager can fire.

Five Levels Of Leadership

To be an effective leader at first level, know your job, be prepared to accept responsibility, exercise authority with caution, assess the strengths and short comings of your people, do more than what is expected and challenge people with interesting and tough assignments. It is important that we recognize that Positional Level is the doorway to leadership and every successful leader must pass through this doorway.

At the last, fifth level, people follow you because they respect you. As a leader you are bigger than life and your success is shown through a life of accomplishments. People seek you out after you have left the company because you have left an indelible mark on the organization and the employees. Although less than five per cent of all leaders will get to this level of leadership it is a level worth striving for.

Case Study Reveals Major Doubts In Most Of Flat Belly Diets

The Flat Belly Diet was formulated in response to a study done in Spain where eleven overweight people who were progeny of diabetics, were fed 3 contrasting diets comprising of the equal amount of calories each with a different concoction of carbohydrates and fats. One diet was high in carbohydrates, one diet was high in saturated fats and one diet was high in monounsaturated fats. People spend 4-weeks on each diet.

The inclusion of particular kinds of foods in this reduced calorie eating program does not alter the truth that the Flat Belly Diet is merely the most recent edition of an externally regulated, restrained eating program, simply another gimmick that applies exhausted, old, ill-conceived hope statements such as, "Eat and think your way thin."

Ten Reasons Not To Eat Processed Food

A lot of food stores that sell pre-packaged frozen processed food have now jumped on the healthy craze in order to cash in on healthy eating. But then again this all tends to lead to misleading information on the packaging. It may be the case that the particular product is low in fat but it also may be the case that it might have tons of sugar in order to compensate for this.
When you buy this food you’re encouraging more being spent on it so therefore keeping it alive if less people spend more money on fresh fruit and vegetables and more money would encourage the growth of this particular industry.

It’s a well-known fact that fat and sugar are as addictive as heroin and cocaine they stimulate the same receptors in your brain that make you feel good this is what’s known as a dopamine high, manufacturers all too well know that. These substances are highly addictive that is why processed food does have a lots of hidden sugar and fat, so as to make it addictive and also enhance the taste.

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