Friday, March 28, 2008

Women Are Needed That Can Street Fight

Lady's Career: Women Are Needed That Can Street Fight

Women that are being harassed and stalked by a rejected lover are turning to private security agencies to have a woman bodyguard protect them. The female bodyguard will quickly provide a solution. Any guy that is harassing and stalking her client will soon be taught a lesson he will never forget. A swift kick to his balls will teach him to keep his distance from his former girlfriend. He will be too embarrassed to report this painful experience to the proper authorities.One private security agency employs over fifty females who have earned black belts.

Each one of them is capable of battling with as much as three ordinary men and sending them all to the hospital. One of the agencies bodyguards is a sixty year old grandma that has been proven to be the most deadly. She once demolished a street gang single handed. She was hired by a store owner that was being harassed by the gang. Witnesses said the sight of an elderly lady ass wiping ten tough men was a sight that they would never forget.

The Current Mortgage Crisis And Short Sales

Further with the alarming amount of homes falling into foreclosure the homes are now depreciating instead appreciating. 100% financing was and could be a good idea however there were a number of people offered this including rolling back of closing costs who were positioned in homes that they could never afford. They were told that before the ARM and balloon payment were to kick in the house would appreciate and they would have realized equity and could go back and refinance with a 30 year fixed rate.

This is an untruth in the respect that typically realized gain in most instances takes 8 to 10 years.Most of the new homes were appraised as empty lots or construction loans and the first year the homeowner was in the home the house would reappraise at the completed construction amount and the taxes doubled. The ARM continues to adjust upward, the payments in most instances would double in just two years.

From my experience that would mean a 3/2 home with a mortgage balance of 150,000.00 could conceivably cost a homeowner $2500.00 a month. To put that into perspective you should be able to buy a $300,000.00 home with a 30 year fixed mortgage for that mortgage payment.

Healthy Lifestyle: How To Stay Motivated During Your Exercise Journey

Do you see the same pattern that you are heading or what are ways you can do things differently this time? Reflect back on previous attempts that have made you to stop exercising. Were you exercising too much the first few weeks and you decided it was just too much work? Start off with the basics and work out a schedule that you can handle and slowly progress from that stage. Lets face it, these days everyone has a busy lifestyle with their career, family and friends.

Try to find a routine that is simple, quick, and consistent that works for you!Get a training partner whether you are training at home, gym, etc. Be around people who have similar interest as yourself. Having someone who can motivate you when you are down or tired helps a lot! I've gone through that road many times and having that training partner helped me immensely. Of course, some of us may not have a training partner and that is when your determination powers through to finish that work out.

Also, talk to fitness professionals in the health industry and they can assist you or hire a qualified personal trainer.

Healthy Lifestyle: My Personal Experience With Qi Gong

What if I were to tell you practicing Qi Gong (also pronounced Chi Gong) as little as 15 minutes daily will help improve your circulation, blood pressure, arthritis, neurological disorders, internal issues such as your lung or liver. Well, read on and I'll tell you a little bit about my personal experience with Qi Gong and how it can help you.I've been around health and fitness a large portion of my life.

During that year, my Optometrist discussed I would have to take Prednisone to reduce the inflammation. However, the negative aspect is that continuing to take the medication could possibly reduce your vision or you can permanently lose your eye sight. Being 30 years old at that time I never took any drugs or medication for my health. The last time I remembered even taking an aspirin was when I was about 8 or 9 years old coming down with a severe fever. I decided on my own not to take any medication and I advised my Optometrist.

Afterwards, I began doing visualization with my breathing and I found this relaxing with the stress I had. I heard and read articles about controlled breathing to promote blood flow through out your body. I controlled my breathing by inhaling most of the air and exhaling all my air. I continued doing this for about 8 months. After my regular visits with my Neurologist and Optometrist, they confirmed and mentioned I was healthy again!

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