Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dreams Of Financial Goals

Dreams Of Financial Goals

What is your why? I can not tell you what your why is, only you can figure that out for you. I know my why. I know what keeps me going when things get tough, when I want to quit and when I have just made a big whopper of a mistake that costs me. Now you are going to have to dig down deep inside yourself and figure out your why.

There you have it. A very specific plan to get you from 0 to 10,000 dollars a month in 9 months time. Let me stress this is just an example. We don’t all have the same dreams or financial goals. I just wanted to illustrate the process. It’s up to you to find your WHY and know your WHERE. And then you will have to start from there and fill in the blanks.

Money Making Guru Tips: Choosing Profitable Keywords For PPC

Speaking of choosing your keywords carefully, you don’t just want to choose them; you also want to research them. Unfortunately, there are a many online business owners that do not realize there are tools online that can help them research and examine keywords. To be completely honest, these online business owners are often the ones who end up finding pay per click advertising programs unsuccessful, a waste of money, or a waste of their time.

The reality is that pay per click advertising programs are anything but that, but you need to know how to use them and other helpful online tools. As it was mentioned above, you should research and examine keywords. You can do this research with tools that are known as keyword research tools.

Goal Setting: Everything You Weren’t Taught

Most lists of goals state: “lose 30 pounds,” “get a promotion,” “make a million dollars,” “buy a new 3000 sqft. House,” “trip to Europe,” trip to Hawaii”, “new 50 inch TV”, “new cloths”, “new furniture”, and “a new car,” etc. Some people might even go as far as to have a picture of the exact item they want and look at it every day. While these thoughts are good, I think you have to do more than just write down: “I want a new car” and look at its picture every day. Let me explain.

To obtain this 3,000 sqft house which cost $250,000, I will need 10% for the down payment which will be $25,000. Each sale of product X will net $150. Therefore, I will help 300 people by selling them X service or product. I will need to sell 25 products each month for one year. To find 25 buyers a month, I will need to set 50 appointments. To set 50 appointments, I will need to send promotional material to 1000 people.

Business Guru: The Management Myth

I have two clients in Southern Ontario who forced their respective presidents out of office. Both thought that it was time for a change - a fresh start so to speak. What was the result of their dismissal? Some key people followed them out of the company and so did some customers. Some remaining managers made it their mission to teach their employer a lesson in diplomacy and treatment of employees. They became very nonchalant in their day-to-day dealings with employees and company shareholder value fell dramatically. What took place is that the Law of Leadership became evident. These two Presidents may have lost their positions but, they did not lose their ability to lead because, they maintained their ability to influence.

The truth of the matter is that your ability to lead has nothing to do with being out in front, taking charge. There have been several leaders in business who were out front, taking charge of the situation and the people that they thought they were leading allowed them to do what they wanted to do. When these leaders fell short, their people were nowhere to be found, nor were they willing to accept responsibility. The true test of your leadership comes down to having people follow you and their willingness in accepting responsibility and accountability for their actions by acting on your vision and trusting your decisions. You don't always have to be the "Lead Dog" in the race.

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