Monday, March 24, 2008

Madconomica: Is It Possible To Create An Impossible Business?

Madconomica: Is It Possible To Create An Impossible Business?

Tom is a student who works as a software consultant for midsize company. He typically charged $80 per hour, and when he landed a contract, it often consisted of 25-100 billable hours.

Because Tom's earning capacity was so high and he disliked marketing, he spent a lot of money on marketing himself indirectly. Tom also worked on contracts that came through agencies, who often took 25-35% of his earnings as their percentage.

Tom is earning as much as $90,000 per year, but he was losing about $15,000 per year in agency commissions, and spending $25,000 per year on marketing. In return for all his hard work, he was earning considerably less than he had at his last job.

City Survival Tips: Learn To Read Food Labels Properly

I think we can all agree that deciphering these labels can be a bit overwhelming. All the terms, the measurements: it can be taxing at times. But you really don't have to read every single word and line to get a good idea of what it is you are putting into your body.

Knowing how to read food labels can be especially helpful if you know you need to include more of something in your diet. Doctor says you need more fiber? Then make sure the food label reads a higher fiber content. Need to lose weight and cut back on your fat? Chose food whose labels have a low fat content.

Recession Reality: Government To Make Billions From The Mortgage Crisis

Most people are aware that you can reduce your taxes by deducting expenses and qualified charitable contributions. What most people don’t realize is that small business owners live and die by those deductions. Tax rates have risen on the self employed more than any other segment in our society. To counter these tax hikes, legislators created more “loop-holes” write off’s and deductions for small business owners to use.

Multiply $32,000 by 23 million business owners and that’s one huge pay-day for Uncle Sam. You can bet that the Senators pushing this bill through congress are well aware of this left handed tax raise. You will never hear them mention it either, I wonder why?

Hard Erotic Cooking: Garlic Stripped Naked And Pressed Hard!

First, I want to cover how easy it is to chop garlic with a knife and then cover presses. Using a knife to chop garlic is the age-old solution to chopping, dicing, mincing, and smashing garlic into a paste. If you want more coarsely chopped or sliced garlic, then a knife is your first and best choice. The size of the desired end result is your main determining factor.
As with many foods, the smaller the dice or mince, the more flavor extraction will occur sooner. So if you are cooking something that will cook for a long time, such as a tomato sauce, you would want a larger dice. This is of course all dependent on individual taste. Some people like a slightly stronger more bitter punch from their garlic while others prefer a milder hint.

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