Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why Everybody Isn't Rich

20 Reasons Why Everybody Isn't Rich

1. People never define what being rich actually is
2. People's definition of being rich normally focuses on long term goals therefore making it feel impossible to achieve.
3. Most people over estimate what they can achieve in 1 year and under estimate what they can achieve in 10 years
4. People tell themselves that "they don't really care about money" and then proceed to work 40 plus hours a week in a job they hate
5. People never decide that they must become rich and take genuine action towards achieving this goal
6. People don't have a realistic plan
7. People don't follow the plan
8. People listen to advice from poor people yet they are very skeptical about advice from rich people
9. People allow other people's opinions to effect their action and goals
10. People don't take responsibility for their own results always blaming everyone else if they don't succeed [Read more]

Eat Yourself To Death

Generally People are either too busy or too lazy to check what they are putting in the mouths of themselves and their children. They truly believe that food manufactures would never try and poison them or put “Highly Toxic” ingredients into their food. This could not be more further from the truth.

These are the same people that constantly suffer from being overweight or obese, depression, constipation, loss of vision, anemia, heart disease, respiratory illnesses and varying forms of cancer to name just a few from a very long list.What you are about to read here is going to shock you. It will change the way you eat forever and hopefully, if applied, will prevent the premature death of you, your family members and your friends within the next 10 years.

Take a close look at the labels on the food in your house and you will find that most have Canola Oil or Vegetable Oil (which 9 times out of 10 is Canola Oil) on their list of ingredients. Well to get started, here are probably the 10 most important facts about canola oil that you will ever read [Read more]

How to Calm Down Easily: Some Zen Steps

The monkey mind is the mind that jumps from one thing to the next, fears, demands, grabs and sabotages our lives. But when we take charge of our focus, we still and dissolve the monkey mind, and we also discover a place within which we can always return, for wisdom, strength and comfort. When we allow the external world to consume us, we are simply giving our natural treasures away.

Reality continually renews and confronts us with new tasks, challenges, opportunities and solutions, day after day. Are we in touch with this ever flowing reality? Usually we focus upon what is missing, what we lack and what hasn’t worked out as we hoped it would. We do not focus upon what is available now, the gifts we are receiving and what we can give to others. It is a simple matter to turn this around.

As we take charge of our focus we dwell upon our strengths and the strengths of others, not the weaknesses. We find what is healthy and encourage that to grow. Rather than struggle to analyze and undo our patterns, we work directly with our focus. The question before us always is: What am I focusing on this moment? Am I available to what is going on, or lost somewhere in a dream? By taking our attention off our toxic inner dialogue, and focusing upon what is going on now we interfere with the negative thoughts that are causing our suffering. However, when our focus and life are primarily self-absorbed, we live in a prison without bars. Any insult, real or imagined, can become the cause of great pain, resulting in withdrawal and retreat into fantasies [Read more]

Top 10 Cars That Have Cheap Insurance Rates

Buying a new car is one of the most expensive bills you will have to pay besides your house (most likely). To make sure you get the best deal on your car you have to key in the insurance rates as well. There are many vehicles on the market that are known for their affordable insurance rates. If you want the most for your money, you may want to consider one of the cheapest insurance rate vehicles. Not sure what they are? Keep reading and you may find out some of the best deals for your future cars.

Top 10 Vehicles that have the Cheapest Insurance Rate for 2008:

1. Chrysler Town & Country – The Town and Country is the cheapest vehicle to insure as of 2008. The average premium price for this vehicle is only $940 a year!

2. Ford Escape – The Ford Escape has been a major hit for the year 2008. It has come a long way for its gas mileage and now is the second cheapest vehicle to insure for 2008. To insure a Ford Escape for the whole year you will pay an average price of $1,022 per year [Read more]

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