Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just be Friends

Can't we Just be Friends?

It's as though women have two separate file folders: FRIENDS and POTENTIAL LOVERS and there is no mixing of the two. Worse yet, once she puts you into the FRIENDS folder it's nearly impossible to make a switch to the other. This is why it is so important not to act like a friend during the early stages of getting to know a woman. It is next to impossible to make it into the POTENTIAL LOVER folder after you've been relegated to the FRIENDS folder.

If you do the kind of things friends do, she will see you as belonging in the FRIENDS folder, even if she initially felt ATTRACTION for you. Virtually every guy that a woman meets gets categorized. Some, more quickly than others. Nonetheless, every guy is labeled [Read more]

Seven Ways to De-Stress

Studies show that women are more likely than men to experience anxiety, depression, and just feel generally stressed-out. This may be due to hormones, genetics, or because women feel they need to be and do everything for everyone. Keeping the house up, arranging the kids’ hectic schedules, working, friends, husbands, church…women tend to have a huge collection of hats of which they wear several on any given day.

And Christian women certainly aren’t exempt. Many people think that Christians are supposed to have it all together. Ha! There are days when I feel like I’ve lost my mind and burst into tears as I look at my “to-do list” that’s much longer than the hours in the day. And while God offers me His peace, I don’t always think to ask Him for it before the stress finds its way in [Read more]

Proper Eye Contact With Women

The proper use of your eyes can improve your chances of meeting women. We have to understand why this is true before taking advantage of it. Proper use of eye contact can help you quickly and easily identify interested and available females, and also tell them that you are interested in knowing them better.

Guys that are good at making and interpreting eye contact signals have almost no risk of being publicly rejected, embarrassed, humiliated, or ridiculed. Proper eye contact technique is like a handshake between strangers. It serves as an introduction and an opportunity for more interactions, if BOTH parties desire it.This is why you can use eye contact to instantly screen out women that are not interested or just not interested in you specifically, at that moment [Read more]

What do You Really Want in a Woman?

Most guys will respond with something like "I want to be able to nail every woman I feel ATTRACTED to ..." But this is only because they haven't thought things through.

It's not that being able to bed any woman you choose is a bad thing ... it's just not an answer to the above question.

I'm asking what you really want in a woman ... not "how often do you want to have casual sex?" I'm putting you through this exercise because it will help you to deal more confidently with women you meet. More about this later.Once you know what you really want in a woman you will start doing things that helps YOU qualify the women you meet. This is a complete reversal of how things normally happen.

Remember what I said when you were first introduced to the Memorable MACKing philosophy: "Don't play by the rules." [Read more]

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