Monday, October 27, 2008

Untold Mortgage Crisis

The Biggest Untold Mortgage Crisis

According to one recent study, the number of foreclosures in military towns are four times the national average. Why? Because military families were targeted as customers during the boom in subprime lending.

Their frequent moves, overseas stints, and low pay meant they were likely to have weak credit ratings. The initial low rates and easy terms of these loans made them more attractive than the traditional route of taking out a Veterans Administration loan. In fact, at the peak of the U.S. subprime lending, the number of new VA loans fell to their lowest level in 12 years.

With that in mind it’s not surprising that a large number of military families are being caught in the subprime mortgage collapse. Fortunately, there’s some help in the form of the Service members’ Civil Relief Act (SCRA). The SCRA was created to protect soldiers and sailors from losing their homes for nonpayment of mortgages while they are on active duty and for 90 days after they return home.

Those who qualify for the SCRA include members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corp and Coast Guard. Also included are members of the public health service, commissioned corps of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and National Guard members who were called to active service during a national emergency and authorized by the President or Secretary of Defense for more than 30 consecutive days.

In addition, citizens ordered to report for induction under the Military Service Act, and those serving with the Allied Forces are also covered under the bill. [Read more]

Dealing With Economic Fear

Anxiety about the future is widespread, with a sense of there being no clear way to avoid the coming trouble. Within this atmosphere, fear and anxiety are rampant, and it becomes even more important to find a basis for trust that does not depend upon external circumstance, but rather on a sense of hope and conviction that the present turbulence will lead to a positive outcome.

Such hope and trust becomes more difficult to achieve when one’s personal fortunes are jeopardized either by loss of work, loss of one’s retirement fund, savings, or investments, or the inability to obtain a loan for a purpose deemed vital. All of these bring the present crisis home in a personal way. Even more personal would be the loss of the value of the dollar which would be able, then, to purchase less in the way of critical commodities, and would create widespread financial restrictions both within the banking system and within our personal lives. In the blink of an eye, we would no longer be a nation of prosperity, but would have to face poverty amidst vastly changed economic conditions. [Read more]

Don’t Crash and Burn Like I Did

What I have learned that never worked for me:

There are no real get rich quick schemes in this world – what ever you want to do you are going to have to give up something else to achieve it, whether that is time, money or a combination of both.

95% of the people that do MLM businesses can’t make a living from it – so I won’t spend my precious time on them, not just because they have not worked for me in the past but also because I only want to promote ideas that I can pass on to others and have them succeed.

If a system is quoted as 100% automated then it will not work. This is because it will very quickly become over subscribed and therefore stop working and also, because the world is a constantly changing place, what worked yesterday will not necessarily work tomorrow.

Much like the first lesson, I have learned that you can never get anything of real value for nothing. Life changing results need to have real input from you to achieve.

So with that in mind, what types of opportunities do work? [Read more]

Mini Skirt and Weight Loss Tactics

If you are looking to lose weight, you have absolutely no problem. The weight loss industry is a strong one in the United States and other parts of the Western world.

You can begin by asking questions around on what steps to take, or you can go straight to a professional. If you are an overweight male, imagine this - you have just met this damsel that looks like she took a holiday from heaven. The way she looks at you, you can tell that she adores you. But deep inside, you know also that she is bound to have an issue with your weight. Isn't that reason enough to do everything you can to lose weight, even if it means spending hours daily in the gym?

Some people rely on illness to help them lose weight. While this is fair enough the first time around, you shouldn't make a habit of it. Getting used to such could result in some kind of ‘cry-wolf' syndrome in which you might not recover from the illness soon enough. In the end, you lose. [Read more]

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